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  • Merit-based Recruitment in the Public Sector: Effectiveness and Challenges 

    Haider, Huma (IDS, 2019-11-20)
    In recent years, countries in the Western Balkans have taken various measures, such as reforming and adopting legislation, to increase the scope of merit-based recruitment procedures (Meyer-Sahling et al., 2019). There is ...
  • Value Chain Governance, Power and Negative Externalities: What Influences Efforts to Control Pig Diseases in Myanmar? 

    Ebata, Ayako; MacGregor, Hayley; Loevinsohn, Michael; Su Win, Khine; Tucker, Alexander (Springer Nature, 2019-11-22)
    Livestock diseases are examples of negative externalities that affect livelihoods and health of poor people across the world. We investigate how the governance and power relationships along a value chain can contribute to ...
  • The Value of Theory of Change in Large-Scale Projects and Complex Interventions 

    Richards, Robin (IDS, 2019-11-19)
    This rapid literature review concentrates on the role that theory of change plays at the programmatic level, and if there are examples that illustrate how theory of change can be used to pull together nested theories of ...
  • Test 2 

    Smith, John (2019)
  • The ‘Youth Bulge’ and Political Unrest in Iraq: A Political Economy Approach 

    Amirali, Asha (IDS, 2019-11-11)
    This report reviews existing research on the relationship between the ‘youth bulge’ and political unrest in order to understand when and why young Iraqis resort to violence or disruption. There is some disagreement in the ...
  • Raising Learning Outcomes in Diverse Indian Contexts 

    De, Anuradha (REAL Centre, University of Cambridge and The Impact Initiative, 2019-12)
    This policy brief shows that improving learning outcomes in diverse Indian contexts requires a rethinking of educational strategies. While improvements in physical access to schools are welcome, improving learning outcomes ...
  • Political Will of African Governments to Address Climate Change 

    Lucas, Brian (IDS, 2019-11-20)
    In the past ten to fifteen years, there has been a ‘striking rise in discussions of politics and power in development policy circles’ (Laws & Marquette, 2018, p. 1) across all sectors, including calls for ‘greater attention ...
  • Determinants of Sovereign Debt Default: Some Evidence from FCAS and MENA Countries 

    Megersa, Kelbesa (IDS, 2019-11-14)
    Debt vulnerabilities have amplified in recent years in many developing countries – including many fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS) and those in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Debt defaults in ...
  • Family Planning Lessons with a Focus on MENA Countries 

    Bolton, Laura (IDS, 2019-11-15)
    This report aimed to look at lessons on family planning programming focussing on Iran in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and recent attempts in Egypt. Journal articles and grey literature were drawn on. A brief search on ...
  • Legislation, Policies and Social Exclusion in Nigeria 

    Birchall, Jenny (IDS, 2019-11-18)
    In Nigeria, there are several pieces of legislation, and a selection of policies that, if implemented, will impact on social exclusion and which aim to increase excluded people’s access to services. There are also examples ...
  • Overview of Social Exclusion in Nigeria 

    Birchall, Jenny (IDS, 2019-11-18)
    The concepts of poverty and social exclusion are intertwined but distinct from each other; not all members of socially disadvantaged groups are economically disadvantaged. However, social exclusion increases poverty by ...
  • Evidence on Social Inclusion Programming in Nigeria 

    Kelly, Luke (IDS, 2019-11-08)
    This rapid review has found evidence of a number of lessons from past social inclusion programming in Nigeria. Inclusion programming is understood as programmes that aim to include excluded groups in the employment market ...
  • ESRC-DFID Research for Policy and Practice: Women and Conflict 

    The Impact Initiative (Institute of Development Studies and The Impact Initiative, 2019-12)
    Conflict affects women and men differently, and it can alter women’s economic and political roles in society. However, changes in women’s economic and political status and roles during times of conflict do not necessarily ...
  • Test Title Here 

    Test, Test (2019)
  • Engaging New Governments on Development Priorities 

    Cooper, Rachel (IDS, 2019-11-29)
    This rapid literature review considers donor engagement with newly elected governments in aid recipient countries. It sought to focus on the immediate period after a new administration is elected and takes office. However, ...
  • Simplifying Property Tax Administration in Africa: Piloting a Points-Based Valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone 

    Grieco, Kevin; Bakarr Kamara, Amou; Meriggi, Niccoló F.; Michel, Julian; Prichard, Wilson; Stewart-Wilson, Graeme (IDS, 2019-11-28)
    The current method of property valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone is highly inaccurate and generally regressive, as it does not take subjective property characteristics that are major determinants of value into account. ...
  • Support for Civil Society Engagement in Peace Processes 

    Idris, Iffat (IDS, 2019-06-10)
    This review looks at the effectiveness of interventions specifically aimed at supporting civil society groups to participate in peace processes. Unfortunately, a number of major challenges were faced. One, donor support ...
  • Urban Expansion in Nigeria 

    Avis, William Robert (IDS, 2019-10-29)
    This rapid literature review, surveys the available literature on urban expansion in Nigerian cities/towns over the coming decades. It presents information on population growth, geographic expansion and urban density to ...
  • ESRC-DFID Research for Policy and Practice: Gender and Education 

    The Impact Initiative (REAL Centre, University of Cambridge and The Impact Initiative, 2019-11)
    This collection of ESRC-DFID-funded research provides valuable evidence on strategies to ensure commitments to eliminate gender disparities in education are met. Beyond ensuring that every child – both girls and boys – is ...
  • Unpacking the Impact of International Development: Resource Guide 4. Developing a MEL Approach 

    Clark, Louise; Apgar, J. Marina (IDS, University of Edinburgh and CDI, 2019-11-25)
    This resource guide is one of a series of four developed to support researchers in international development with key monitoring, evaluation and learning processes, such as Theory of Change and logframes for proposal and ...

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