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  • Driving Innovation: Advancing Healthcare through Digital Transformations in Bangladesh 

    Mitu, Maliha Mehnaz; Khan, Sabiha M.; Sheisheir, Mahmodul Hasan; Alam, Md. Tanzirul; Misha, Farzana (BRAC University, 2024)
    Digital health platforms hold immense potential to improve the delivery of high-quality healthcare to individuals. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated an exponential growth in the use of various digital health platforms. ...
  • Technology Evolution and Tax Compliance: Evidence from Rwanda 

    Hakizimana, Naphtal; Santoro, Fabrizio (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-05)
    Data on economic transactions is crucial for tax administrations to be able to enforce tax compliance, and technology can be key to obtaining information. In the last decade, African tax administrations have increasingly ...
  • Poverty and Wellbeing in Zambia: Pandemic Update 

    Diwakar, Vidya; Bwalya, Richard (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-05-15)
    This study attempts to provide a descriptive assessment of the reasons behind the increase in poverty witnessed in Zambia between 2015 and 2022. Although poverty in Zambia is more pronounced in rural than urban areas, the ...
  • Test Title 

    Test, Test (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-05)
    Test text here.
  • Recovery with Distress: Unpacking COVID-19 Impact on Livelihoods and Poverty in Rural Areas and Urban Low-Income Settlements of Bangladesh 

    Rahman, Hossain Zillur; Rahman, Atiya; Islam, Md Saiful; Faruk, Avinno; Matin, Imran; Abdul Wazed, Mohammad; Zillur, Umama (Oxford University Press, 2024-04)
    The social and economic impact of COVID-19 has been deep, wide-ranging, and multidimensional. While anecdotal evidence of distress among the poor, particularly those with informal occupations, has been widespread, effective ...

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