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  • Aligning Evidence Generation and Use Across Health, Development and Environment 

    Tallis, Heather, et al. (Elsevier, 2019-08-01)
    Although health, development, and environment challenges are interconnected, evidence remains fractured across sectors due to methodological and conceptual differences in research and practice. Aligned methods are needed ...
  • Cash Transfer Programming: Trends and Patterns Among Irish Aid’s Partners 

    Szyp, Carolina; Sabates-Wheeler, Rachel (IDS, 2019-10-14)
    Cash transfer programming (CTP) constitutes one component of both social protection systems as well as humanitarian interventions. CTP can provide long-term support to poor and vulnerable populations as part of emerging ...
  • Designing and Managing Innovation Portfolios 

    Megersa, Kelbesa (IDS, 2019-09-16)
    This rapid literature review summarises the existing evidence on the design and management of innovation portfolios of organizations from the private sector, public sector and NGOs. This report provides a review of academic ...
  • Tech SMEs in India 

    Price, Roz (IDS, 2019-09-18)
    This rapid review uses a mix of academic and grey literature, with reliance on industry and financial sector reports from the private sector. The review is not comprehensive. Although MSMEs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem ...
  • What are ‘Tax Expenditures’ and How Big are Energy-Related Tax Expenditures? 

    Dom, Roel; McCulloch, Neil (Institute of Development Studies, 2019-10-09)
    Tax expenditures occur when a government provides a reduction in a tax obligation such that it collects less tax than it would have otherwise collected. Tax expenditures are an integral, though controversial, part of all ...

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