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  • 'Cash Plus': Linking Cash Transfers to Services and Sectors 

    Roelen, Keetie; Palermo, Tia; Prencipe, Leah (UNICEF, 2018)
    Cash transfers have been successful in reducing food insecurity, increasing consumption, building resiliency against economic shocks, improving productivity and increasing school enrolment. In recognition of this evidence ...
  • Narratives of Scarcity: Framing the Global Land Rush 

    Scoones, Ian; Smalley, Rebecca; Hall, Ruth; Tsikata, Dzodzi (ScienceDirect, 2018-06-09)
    Global resource scarcity has become a central policy concern, with predictions of rising populations, natural resource depletion and hunger. The narratives of scarcity that arise as a result justify actions to harness ...
  • Key Considerations: the Context of Équateur Province, DRC 

    Alcayna-Stevens, Lys; Bedford, Juliet (Anthrologica, 2018-06-14)
    This brief summarises key considerations about the context of Équateur Province in relation to the outbreak of Ebola in the DRC, June 2018. Further participatory enquiry should be undertaken with the affected population, ...
  • Rural Transitions, Economies and Rural–Urban Links 

    Wiggins, Steve; Sabates-Wheeler, Rachel; Yaro, Joseph (APRA, Future Agricultures Consortium, 2018-03-01)
    Agricultural development takes place within the wider context of overall economic development. In the process, changes in agriculture – such as the increased commercialisation of farms in general and smallholdings in ...
  • The Political Economy of Agricultural Commercialisation in Zimbabwe 

    Shonhe, Toendepi (APRA, Future Agricultures Consortium, 2018-04-01)
    Debates on Zimbabwe’s agricultural development have centred on different framings of agriculture viability and land redistribution, which are often antagonistic. Yet, emerging evidence of agricultural commercialisation ...

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