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  • Lessons on Disaster Resilience Pogramming in Pakistan 

    Kelly, Luke (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-02-25)
    This rapid literature review finds that lessons drawn from disaster resilience programmes in Pakistan are focused on the best ways to co-ordinate between different resilience work in different sectors. This can be difficult ...
  • The Role of Gender in Serious and Organised/Transnational Crime 

    Hicks, Jacqueline (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-03-30)
    This rapid review synthesises evidence on the role of gender in serious and organised/transnational crime (SOC) with regard to gender norms, participation and prevention. It looks at the literature on the roles women play ...
  • Areas and Population Groups in Pakistan Most Exposed to Combined Effects of Climate Change, Food Insecurity and COVID-19 

    Idris, Iffat (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-03-08)
    There are strong interlinkages between the effects of climate change and natural disasters in Pakistan, food insecurity, and exposure to COVID-19. Areas/groups at risk of one will often be at risk of the others as well, ...
  • Aquaculture and Mangroves 

    Bolton, Laura (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-04-09)
    This report aimed to focus on the impacts of coastal aquaculture on poverty but it was often not distinguished from inland aquaculture in the literature and took extra time to ascertain. Aquaculture reporting was also ...
  • Benefits of Migration for Developing Countries of Origin 

    Haider, Huma (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-03-26)
    This report focuses more on benefits of migration to the country of origin in relation to human capital, skills and knowledge transfer, and the transmission of ideas, norms and practices. While relying on studies from ...

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