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  • Digital Citizenship in Africa: Technologies of Agency and Repression 

    Roberts, Tony; Bosch, Tanja; Ojebode, Ayobami; Ojebuyi, Babatunde Raphael; Oladapo, Oyewole; Oosterom, Marjoke; Brhane, Atnaf; Ayalew, Yohannes Eneyew; Anthonio, Felicia; Ajaja, Sandra; Phiri, Sam; Abraham, Kiss; Elias, Mavis; Nyabola, Nanjala (Zed Books, 2023-03-23)
    Since the so-called Arab Spring, citizens of African countries have continued to use digital tools in creative ways to ensure that marginalised voices are heard, and to demand for the rights they are entitled to in law: ...
  • Rethinking Policies for Pastoralists – Governing the Rangelands 

    Nori, Michele; Scoones, Ian (CSIRO, 2023-08-14)
    Policies and governance arrangements are relevant in shaping livelihoods in the pastoral regions of the world. Institutions and rules that enable access to land, markets and investment for pastoralists and those that ...
  • Mapping the Supply of Surveillance Technologies to Africa: Case Studies from Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Malawi, and Zambia 

    Roberts, Tony; Gitahi, Judy; Allam, Patrick; Oboh, Lawrence; Oladapo, Oyewole; Appiah-Adjei, Gifty; Galal, Amira; Kainja, Jimmy; Phiri, Sam; Abraham, Kiss; Klovig Skelton, Sebastian; Sheombar, Anand (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-09-25)
    African governments are spending over 1US$bn per year on digital surveillance technologies which are being used without adequate legal protections in ways that regularly violate citizens’ fundamental human rights. This ...
  • Effective Governance Responses to Crises: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic 

    Bianchi, Matias; Coda, Florencia; Cyr, Jennifer; Heffernan, Ian; Meeker, Jessica (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-09-21)
    In times of crisis, decision-making becomes paramount, yet it is often influenced by two distinct behavioural patterns: analysis paralysis and risk aversion. Drawing a parallel between the studies presented in this brief, ...
  • Key Issues Affecting the Inclusion of Alt Text in Scholarly PDF Publications 

    Richard, Beth (Brill, 2023-09-08)
    Alternative (alt) text descriptions for images in digital publications provide comparable information for people who cannot effectively see the visuals. They are relied upon by people who are blind or who have a moderate ...

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