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  • Delivery of neglected tropical disease control interventions 

    Millington, Kerry (Institute of Development Studies, 2018-01-29)
    Delivery of integrated neglected tropical disease (NTD) control programmes with similar strategic approaches, geographical overlap and prevalence can minimise costs and expand intervention coverage. This has been evidenced ...
  • Informal Taxation in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone: Taxpayers’ Experiences and Perceptions 

    Jibao, Samuel; Prichard, Wilson; van den Boogaard, Vanessa (IDS, 2017-10)
    In low-income and post-conflict countries, and particularly in rural areas, citizens often pay a range of ‘taxes’ that differ substantially from statutory policies. These ‘informal taxes’, paid to a variety of state and ...
  • Tax Revenue Mobilization in Conflict-Affected Developing Countries 

    van den Boogaard, Vanessa; Prichard, Wilson; Milicic, Nikola; Benson, Matthew (UNU-WIDER, 2016-12)
    How does conflict affect tax revenue mobilization? This paper uses a newly updated dataset to explore longitudinal trends of tax revenue mobilization prior to, during, and after conflict periods in a selection of ...
  • Youth Engagement in the Realm of Local Governance: Opportunities for Peace? 

    Oosterom, Marjoke (IDS, 2018-02)
    An interest in young people has gained significant traction in both policy and academic circles over the past ten years, partly informed by the correlations between ‘youth bulges’ and large numbers of unemployed youth and ...
  • Opportunities, Ownership and Tailored Outputs: How to Respond to Demand for Evidence 

    Nelson, Sarah (Institute of Development Studies and The Impact Initiative, 2016-11)
    Many international development research projects aim to influence policy and practice by providing rigorous evidence that impacts on real-life decisions. However, the world of policymaking – whether organisational, local, ...

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