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  • Food Systems Summit Brief: Water for Food Systems and Nutrition 

    Ringler, Claudia; Agbonlahor, Mure; Baye, Kaleab; Barron, Jennie; Hafeez, Mohsin; Lundqvist, Jan; Meenakshi, J.V.; Mehta, Lyla; Mekonnen, Dawit; Rojas-Ortuste, Franz; Tankibayeva, Aliya; Uhlenbrook, Stefan (Scientific Group of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, 2021-05)
    Access to sufficient and clean freshwater is essential for all life. Water is also essential for food system functioning: as a key input into food production, but also in processing and preparation, and as a food itself. ...
  • Navigating Civic Space in a Time of Covid: Synthesis Report 

    Anderson, Colin; McGee, Rosie; Nampoothiri, Niranjan; Gaventa, John; Forquilha, Salvador; Ibeh, Zikora; Ibezim-Ohaeri, Victoria; Jawed, Asiya; Khan, Ayesha; Pereira, Crescêncio; Alex, Shankland (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-05)
    Since long before the Covid-19 pandemic emerged in 2020, civic space has been changing all over the globe, generally becoming more restricted and hazardous. The pandemic brought the suspension of many fundamental freedoms ...
  • Vernacular Resilience: An Approach to Studying Long-Term Social Practices and Cultural Repertoires of Resilience in Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo 

    Wandji, Dieunedort; Allouche, Jeremy; Marchais, Gauthier (STEPS Centre, 2021)
    This working paper aims to situate our research project within the various debates around resilience. It advocates a historical, cultural and plural approach to understanding how communities develop and share resilient ...
  • The VAT in Practice: Equity, Enforcement and Complexity 

    Mascagni, Giulia; Dom, Roel; Santoro, Fabrizio (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-05)
    There are substantial differences in the spread of the pandemic and the policy response to it between highand low-income countries (LICs). In terms of case numbers, the pandemic has affected high and middleincome countries ...
  • Climate Change and Air Pollution 

    Akasha, Heba; Ghaffarpasand, Omid; Pope, Francis (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-01)
    This rapid literature review explores the interactions between climate change and air pollution, with a focus on human health impacts. In particular, the report explores potential synergies in tackling climate change and ...

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