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  • ‘It’s a Family Matter’: Inaction and Denial of Domestic Violence 

    Sultan, Maheen; Ahikire, Josephine (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02-26)
    This article provides a grounded example of backlash in action surrounding the implementation of the Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act 2010 in Bangladesh. While formulation and enactment of the law marked ...
  • Public University Students’ Experiences of Anti-Feminist Backlash in Dhaka, Bangladesh 

    Ahmed, Adeepto; Jahan, Ishrat; Hasan, Israr; Rashid, Sabina Faiz; Naomi, Sharin Shajahan (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02-26)
    Public university campuses in Bangladesh have been historically significant sites of negotiating with social and political orders. Based on in-depth interviews with male and female students from three public universities ...
  • The Centaur’s Kick: Backlash as Disruptive Upgrades to Patriarchal Orders 

    Edstrom, Jerker (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02-26)
    Backlash is not always pushing back against progress for women, but how is it still patriarchal? Sliced into three sections – on confluence, contestations, and cartographies – this article draws on a thesis about backlash ...
  • Disrupting Anxious Masculinity: Fraternity as Resistance 

    Das, Abhijit; Dasgupta, Jashodhara; Mukhopadhyay, Maitrayee; Contractor, Sana Qais; Singh , Satish Kumar (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02-26)
    Within the experience of our work in India, context and positionality determine what we perceive as backlash against gender justice. An important underlying cause of backlash today is the widespread crisis of masculinities, ...
  • Virulent Hindutva, Vigilante State: Situating Backlash and its Implications for Women’s Rights in India 

    Chigateri, Shraddha; Kundu, Sudarsana (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02-26)
    India is facing a period of seismic backlash against feminist and progressive politics and the pace of change, particularly over the last ten years, has been breakneck with serious consequences for women’s equality and ...

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