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  • How do Federal Bureaucrats Get Informed? An X-ray of the Sources of Evidence Used in Policy Work 

    Koga, Natália Massaco; Palotti, Pedro Lucas de Moura; Lins, Rafael da Silva; Couto, Bruno Gontyjo do; Loureiro, Miguel; Lima, Shana Nogueira (Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), 2024)
    The use of scientific knowledge to support policy has been a debated issue since the emergence of the field of policy analysis (Lerner and Lasswell, 1951; Weiss, 1979). More recently, the evidence-based policy approach ...
  • Test Title 

    Test, Test (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-02)
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  • Grievance Redress Mechanisms in the Health Sector 

    POTENCIAR (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-03)
    This research stemmed from learning and changes that occurred in the intervention trategy and budget of the POTENCIAR programme. In consultations and meetings between the Programme Management Unit (UGP) and various actors ...

    Test, Test; Test, Test (Institute of Development Studies, 2024)
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  • The Role of European Investment Bank (EIB) and National and Regional Development Banks in the Green Transformation 

    Griffith-Jones, Stephany; Carreras, Marco (Springer, Cham, 2024-02-23)
    This chapter examines the important role that can be played by national and regional development banks in the green transformation. Our focus is on the European Investment Bank (EIB), but we argue that EIB’s effective ...
  • Test Title 

    Test, Test (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-05)
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  • Protest Event Analysis: Grievances, Triggers, and Strategies in Authoritarian and Hybrid Regimes 

    Nampoothiri, Niranjan Jathavedan (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-05-07)
    Protests are a feature of both democratic and non-democratic regimes. However, protests in non-democratic regimes have received insufficient academic attention. The nature of protest grievances, strategies, and tactics ...
  • The Lion, the Leopard, the Hyena and the Fox: Pastoralist Researchers on the Uganda/Kenya Border 

    Karamoja Community Research (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-05)
    We are continuing from our previous book, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Pastoralist Researchers on the Uganda/Kenya Border. That book showed the insecurity in Karamoja and Turkana in 2023. When we showed the first book ...
  • Early Findings from Evaluation of Systemic Action Research in Kangaba, Mali 

    Hicks, Jacqueline; Dioma, Alamoussa; Apgar, Marina; Keita, Fatoumata (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-04-24)
    This paper presents early findings from evaluation research embedded in a community-driven peace-building project implemented in Mali. Called the ‘Vestibule of Peace’, the project uses Systemic Action Research (SAR) to ...
  • The Great Green Wall as a Social-Technical Imaginary 

    Pédarros, Élie; Allouche, Jeremy; Oma, Matiwos Bekele; Duboz, Priscilla; Diallo, Amadou Hamath; Kassa, Habtemariam; Laloi, Chloé; Müller-Mahn, Detlef; Soumahoro, Kando Amédée; Bi, Sylvestre Tchan; Yao, Cyprien Yao (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-04-23)
    The Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative (GGWI), launched in 2007 by the African Union, is one of Africa’s most important green transformation projects. From a pan-African environmental movement to a ...
  • My Experience as a Peer Researcher with the Enabling Early Child Development in Ealing (ECDE) Project 

    Manufor, Juliet (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02)
    This briefing provides the reflection of a peer researcher working on the Early Childhood Development in Ealing (ECDE) project. The project gathered the perspectives of 77 parents, carers, and 10 children across the borough ...
  • Community Research Briefing: Enabling Early Child Development in Ealing (ECDE) Project 

    Hrynick, Tabitha (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02)
    This briefing highlights key findings from the Early Childhood Development in Ealing (ECDE) project. The project gathered the perspectives of 77 parents, carers, and 10 children across the borough on services and support ...
  • Being New Poor in Bangladesh: Coping Strategies, Constraints, and Trajectories 

    Nazneen, Sohela; Ahamed, Raihan; Aziz, Syeda Salina; Joshi, Anuradha; Loureiro, Miguel; Nampoothiri, Niranjan Jathavedan; Nur, Jahid; Sharmila, Nowshin; Ananna, Rabeena Sultana; Zaman, Shahaduz (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02-28)
    Recent studies of the Covid-19 pandemic have found that millions in Bangladesh fell into poverty during this time, and they were unable to recover to their pre-pandemic economic position. This study draws on qualitative ...
  • Key Themes and Considerations: Enabling Child Development in Ealing (ECDE) - Children’s Focus Groups 

    Shaw, Janine (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02)
    In July of 2023, one focus group was held with children in each of two local primary schools in Ealing borough.Each child participant had a younger sibling due to start school in September 2023. The focus groups took the ...
  • River of Life 

    Howgate, Sandra; Cannon, Mariah; Hrynick, Tabitha; Madden, Vaishnavee (Institute of Development Studies, 2024)
    This fictional River of Life illustrates one family’s journey in the borough of Ealing. Based on research from the Enabling Early Child Development in Ealing (ECDE) project, it shows some common challenges faced by local ...
  • Social Protection Experiences of and Attitudes Towards New Urban Poor After Covid-19 in Bangladesh 

    Roelen, Keetie; Ahmed, Md. Shakil; Chowdhury, Kabita; Diwakar, Vidya; Huq, Lopita; Al Mamun, Saklain; Rabbi, Abu Sayem; Tahreen Rahman, Nuzaba; Rownak, Raisa; Sultan, Maheen; Sumanthiran, Shilohni (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-02-14)
    The Covid-19 pandemic led to a large increase in poverty in Bangladesh, especially in urban areas. Rising food prices and high inflation rates further compounded already high levels of socioeconomic uncertainty. Social ...
  • Learning from Lived Experience: Opportunities to Strengthen Early Child Development in Ealing 

    Hrynick, Tabitha; Cannon, Mariah; Shaw, Janine; Manufor, Juliet; Madden, Vaishnavee (Institute of Development Studies, 2024-01-31)
    What happens in a child’s earliest years lays the foundations for their lifelong wellbeing. Supporting young children and families during this time is therefore critical for individuals, families, communities, and societies ...
  • Disentangling Government Responses: How Do We Know When Accountability Work Is Gaining Traction? 

    Fox, Jonathan; Halloran, Brendan; Fölscher, Alta; McGee, Rosie (Accountability Research Center (ARC), 2024-01)
    Advocacy for public accountability aims to produce certain reactions from government officials or service providers. However, the reactions can be many and diverse, and it is not always clear to advocates how to interpret ...
  • Real Exchange Rate and Export Surge Episodes: What Sectors Take Advantage of the Real Exchange Rate Stimulus? 

    Palazzo, Gabriel (Elsevier, 2024-03)
    What are the main characteristics of sectors that take advantage of the real exchange rate stimulus after a large and long-lasting devaluation? We aim to answer this question by analyzing the development of export sectors ...
  • Global Land Deals: What Has Been Done, What Has Changed and What's Next? 

    Wolford, Wendy W.; White, Ben; Scoones, Ian; Hall, Ruth; Edelman, Marc; Borras Jr., Saturnino M. (Land Deal Politics Initiative, 2024-01)
    In 2010, the Land Deals Politics Initiative formed to study the rising number of large-scale land deals taking place around the world. As the so-called ‘global land grab’ took shape, we organised small grant competitions ...

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