Supported by the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), the Covid Collective is based at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). The Collective brings together the expertise of, UK and Southern based research partner organisations and offers a rapid social science research response to inform decision-making on some of the most pressing Covid-19 related development challenges.

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Recent Submissions

  • Local Knowledge and Participation in the Covid-19 Response 

    Lenhardt, Amanda (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-05-22)
    This report explores approaches to participation in humanitarian response and evidence on the contributions of community engagement in effective response and recovery efforts.It begins with a brief overview of decolonial ...
  • Covid-19: Community Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements 

    Collyer, Michael; Mitlin, Diana; Wilson, Robert; Shahaduz, Zaman (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-04-01)
    Around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated differences that already existed. Health outcomes and the economic impacts of resulting lockdowns have not been evenly distributed and inequalities have deepened. As ...
  • Key Global Policy Dates and Engagement Opportunities for the Covid Collective 

    Bolton, Laura (Institute of Development Studies, 2021-03-23)
    Map key international and national days, events, moments relating to Covid-19 (e.g. health, socio-economic, inclusion impacts) to inform Covid Collective’s schedule of publications and activities. Mapping should include: ...
  • Intersectionality and Responses to Covid-19 

    Birchall, Jenny (Institute of Development Studies (IDS), 2021-03-22)
    There is a small but growing body of literature that discusses the benefits, challenges and opportunities of intersectional responses to the socioeconomic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a strong body of evidence ...
  • The Impact of Covid-19 on Research Methods and Approaches 

    Strachan, Anna Louise (Institute of Development Studies (IDS), 2021-01-25)
    The Covid-19 pandemic, and measures to contain the spread of the virus, such as border closures, quarantine requirements, mandatory PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests, curfews, and social distancing requirements, have ...
  • Southern Research Organisations Providing Rapid Evidence-Review Services 

    Price, Roz (Institute of Development Studies (IDS), 2020-12-15)
    This review aims to identify Southern organisations providing rapid evidence-synthesis and response services supporting governments in low- and middle-income countries, especially in Bangladesh, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Malawi, ...