Supported by the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), the Covid Collective is based at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). The Collective brings together the expertise of, UK and Southern based research partner organisations and offers a rapid social science research response to inform decision-making on some of the most pressing Covid-19 related development challenges.

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Recent Submissions

  • Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic in Myanmar: Stories of Children's Fights and Hopes 

    Covid Collective (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-06)
    This collection of children's stories was created as part of a research project titled "The Impacts of Covid-19 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Myanmar", which was conducted by Terre des hommes (Tdh) and the ...
  • Towards Digital Transformation for Universal Health Coverage 

    Bloom, Gerald; Balasubramaniam, Priya; Marin, Anabel; Nelson, Erica; Quak, Evert-jan; Husain, Lewis; Barker, Tom (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-06-01)
    The Covid-19 pandemic has re-emphasised the need to ensure equitable access to safe, effective and affordable health services. The very rapid shift to the use of smartphone apps and telephone consultations (telemedicine) ...
  • People’s Agenda for Pandemic Preparedness 

    Grant, Catherine; Achyut, Pranita; Akello, Grace; Alam, Elaine; Ayegboyin, Matthew; Baluku, Moses; Banerjee, Priyanka; Bhandari, Jhabindra; Bishop, Stephanie; Chery, Justin; Dabroy, Jahir; Dashe, Kaseina; Desclaux, Alice; Dias, Sonia; Dickson, Ntungire; Gewehr, Luiza; Hanson, Tommy; Kadzamira, Esme; Kamara, Foday; Kamasitha, James K.; Thipyaporn, Khempila; Kojo Abreh, Might; Kutadza, Tariro; Iyeli, Brigitte; Maidza, Sibongeni; Mbaye, Samba; Mubaira, Caroline; Isolo Mukwaya, Paul; Nagesh, Radhika; Neto, Damiana; Nuwahereza, Viola; Ana Carolina, Ogando; Omar Khayum, Hossain Mohammed; Hernàndez Ramos, Nirma; Riewpaiboon, Wachara; Rohwerder, Brigitte; Rosado, Christopher; Sams, Kelley; Shepherd, Andrew; Skinner, Caroline; Sinha, Shalini; Spray, Julie; Srisuppaphon, Donruedee; Sseviiri, Hakimu; Sow, Khoudia; Taylor, Peter; Ton, Giel; Uebari, Korfii; Viriyathorn, Shaheda; Vyas, Aditi; Zayapragassarazan, Z. (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-05-24)
    In May 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Covid-19 is no longer a health emergency. Now that the world is in this new period of living with the coronavirus, it is an important time to gather knowledge ...
  • Pandemic Preparedness 

    Hrynick, Tabitha; Grant, Catherine (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-05-17)
    This rapid literature review aims to provide initial insights into emerging lessons on pandemic preparedness in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. It pays special attention to research generated by the Covid Collective ...
  • Pandemic Preparedness for the Real World: Why We Must Invest in Equitable, Ethical and Effective Approaches to Help Prepare for the Next Pandemic 

    IDS (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-03-08)
    The cost of the Covid-19 pandemic remains unknown. Lives directly lost to the disease continue to mount, while related health, livelihood and wellbeing impacts are still being felt, and the wider ramifications across ...
  • Covid Collective: Social Science Research for Covid-19 Action 

    Covid Collective (Institute of Development Studies, 2023)
    In early 2020, the world became aware of a new global threat. Covid-19 spread rapidly, upending the lives and livelihoods of people around the world. With support from the Research and Evidence Division of the UK’s Foreign, ...
  • Equitable Access and Public Attitudes to Vaccination for Internal Migrants in Vietnam 

    Hoang, Tu-Anh; Oosterhoff, Pauline; Le, Lan Anh; Dinh, Phuong Nga (Institute of Development Studies, 2023-02-16)
    This mixed methods participatory study explores equity and fairness in access to Vietnam’s Covid-19 vaccination programme, when the Covid-19 vaccine was scarce, with a focus on internal migrant workers. At the beginning ...
  • Managing Multiple Crises: Lessons from Covid-19 

    Price, Roz (Institute of Development Studies, 2022-11-17)
    The World is facing numerous, overlapping crises with the war in Ukraine exacerbating a global cost-of-living crisis, coupled with the lingering effects of Covid-19 and ongoing climate change impacts. After nearly three ...
  • Community-led Innovations and Actions in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic 

    Price, Roz (Institute of Development Studies, 2022-09-26)
    Community engagement and community-led approaches have been considered a fundamental component of past pandemics, such as Ebola, and the same has been observed in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for ...
  • Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Digital Empowerment in the Global South 

    García Villamil, Daniela (Southern Voice, 2022-09)
    There is a global shift towards digitalisation that is driving technical, social, and organisational changes (Nordic Co-operation, 2020; Sorama, 2018). As such, having the capacity to leverage digital technology has ...
  • The Role of Digital Education in Future Shocks: Priorities from the Global South 

    Charvet, Estefanía; García, Daniela (Southern Voice, 2022-09)
    Would students be able to afford losing school time again because of a new external shock like a climate change crisis or another pandemic? Given current circumstances and without affecting their education gains, the short ...
  • Voices From the Margins Building Evidence for Inclusive Policy Responses to Covid 19 in Bangladesh 

    Badiuzzaman, Muhammad; Samadder, Mrinmoy; Akter, Nahida; Khayum, Hossain Mohammed Omar; Hassan, Ahmed Shafquat (Centre for Peace and Justice, 2021-06)
    The Covid-19 pandemic is not only posing grave health risks, but is also proving to be a global humanitarian crisis, the effects of which are expected to run deep and last long. However, it is fair to say that we are all ...
  • Combined Survey Completion Report on Survey Implementation Process: Voices from the Margins and Inclusive Policy Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic 

    Samadder, Mrinmoy; Khayum, Hossain Mohammed Omar; Akter, Nahida (Centre for Peace and Justice 2022, 2022-03)
    The Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), Brac University is currently implementing a research project to create an information data-loop to inform and influence public policies and state responses on COVID-19 related relief, ...
  • Knowledge Production at a Time of Pandemic - Navigating Between Syria and the UK 

    Beaujouan, Juline (Manchester University Press, 2022)
    Mindful of divisive labels in constructions of the 'Middle East and North Africa' (MENA) and of 'Europe', the editors and contributors of Knowledge production in higher education reflexively immerse themselves into an ...
  • The Political Economy of the Landscape of Trade Unions in Bangladesh: The Case of RMG Sector 

    Hassan, Mirza M.; Aziz, Syeda Salina; Rahemin, Raeesa; Khan, Insiya; Hoque, Rafsanul (BRAC Institute of Governance & Development, 2022)
    The paper explores the political economy landscape of trade unionism in Bangladesh. The focus is on the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector, where trade unions (TU) are highly salient and relatively more operational because ...
  • Pulling the Pieces Together: Health and community actors as levers of local response in Taiz and Hadhramaut, Yemen 

    Wilson, Robert; al-Hamdani, Raiman (PeaceRep, 2022-05-26)
    This study builds on our collaboration with Yemen Policy Center and their earlier study of state community relations and the enforcement of Covid-19 measures by security officials in Taiz during early stages of the ...
  • Peace and Conflict-Covid-19 Nexus in Yemen – a Consultation with Experts: The Impact on Women’s Inclusion in the Peace Process in Yemen 

    Peace Track Initiative (PeaceRep, 2022)
    This report is the third in a series that has examined the connections between Covid-19 and the conflict in Yemen in considering prospects of broader inclusion, i.e. women, when rethinking the peace process. The first ...
  • Covid Collective: Social Science Research for Covid-19 Action 

    Covid Collective (Institute of Development Studies, 2022)
    In early 2020, the world became aware of a new global threat. Covid-19 spread rapidly, upending the lives and livelihoods of people around the world. With support from the Research and Evidence Division of the UK’s Foreign, ...
  • Pathways to Impact in the Pandemic 

    Taylor, Joe; Quak, Evert-jan; Georgalakis, James; Clark, Louise (Institute of Development Studies, 2022-09-13)
    A Rapid Review of Covid-19-Related Research Engagement Strategies in Low- and Middle-Income Country Settings.
  • The Targeting Dynamics of Brac's Reintegration Program for Returnee Migrants: A Process Documentation Research 

    Zaman, Dr. Shahaduz; Ahasan, Abu; Shatil, Tanvir; Islam, Shafiqul (BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), 2022-03)
    It is the findings report of Process Documentation Research (PDR), seeking to understand the Targeting Mechanism of BRAC's migration project, entitled 'Socio-Economic Reintergration of Returnee Migrant Workers of Bangladesh.' ...

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