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  • Socio-­Cultural Considerations for Vaccine Introduction and Community Engagement 

    Bedford, Juliet (Anthrologica, 2018-05)
    This brief summarises key socio-cultural issues related to the introduction of vaccine (rVSV‐ZEBOV) to the DRC in relation to the Ebola outbreak, May 2018. A deeper dive should be undertaken, but given the imminent ...
  • Ethical and Methodological Challenges in Large Qualitative Participatory Studies 

    Hossain, Naomi; Scott-Villiers, Patta (SAGE, 2018-12)
    Participatory research studies utilizing qualitative data drawn from large, diverse samples appear increasingly common in the social sciences, particularly in international development. This reflects demand for participatory ...
  • Supporting Sustainable Refugee Return in Protracted Situations 

    Rohwerder, Brigitte (IDS, 2017-12)
    Every refugee statistic represents a life uprooted and on hold. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, estimates that by the end of 2016, a total of 22.5 million refugees had been forcibly displaced as a result of persecution, ...
  • Tax in Development: Towards a Strategic Aid Approach 

    Lundstøl, Olav (IDS, 2018-05-15)
    Raising a higher share of the value added in an economy for the public purpose is associated with state building, modern economic growth and development. From 2002-3 to date, low- and lower-middle income countries raised ...
  • Does Intimate Partner Violence Decline as Women’s Empowerment Becomes Normative? Perspectives of Bangladeshi Women. 

    Nazneen, Sohela; Schuler, Sidney Ruth (Elsevier, 2018-01)
    Studies addressing the relationship between women’s empowerment and intimate partner violence (IPV) have yielded conflicting findings. Some suggest that women’s economic and social empowerment is associated with an increased ...
  • The Modern Slavery Trap: Bonded Labour 

    Oosterhoff, Pauline; Burns, Danny; Prasad, Bishnu; Robinson, Sophie (Institute of Development Studies, 2018-05-15)
    International enterprises, sex work, organised crime groups, and exploitative recruitment agencies have dominated the discussion on modern slavery in recent years. However, while this work is important, it is just the tip ...
  • Work with Us: How People and Organisations Can Catalyse Sustainable Change 

    Burns, Danny; Howard, Jo; Lopez-Franco, Erika; Shahrokh, Thea; Wheeler, Joanna (IDS, 2013-09)
    This report provides a synthesis of studies conducted by the Participate Participatory Research Group (PRG) in 29 countries, and attempts to identify and draw out the patterns of change that emerge across them from people's ...
  • A Price-Based Royalty Tax? 

    Clausing, Kimberly A.; Durst, Michael C. (Tax Analysts, 2016-09-07)
    Discussing the merits of a price-based royalty, a royalty for which the rate varies with the product price, as a fiscal instrument for taxing extractive industries.
  • Urbanization and the Nutrition Transition 

    Hawkes, Corinna; Harris, Jody; Gillespie, Stuart (International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), 2017)
    Diets are changing with rising incomes and urbanization— people are consuming more animal-source foods, sugar, fats and oils, refined grains, and processed foods. This “nutrition transition” is causing increases in overweight ...
  • The Need to be Governed: Governance and Violence in Conflict Contexts 

    Justino, Patricia (EPS Publishing for Economists for Peace and Security, 2018)
    This article analyses the relationship between governance and violence in light of the World Development Report 2017 on Governance and the Law. The article discusses the approach taken by the Report to link governance and ...
  • DFIs and Development Impact: An Evaluation of Swedfund 

    Spratt, Stephen; O'Flynn, Peter; Flynn, Justin (Expert Group for Aid Studies, 2018)
    Swedens Development Finance Institution Swedfund was established in 1979. Swedfund’s mandate is to invest in poor countries, through equity acquisitions in individual companies, through funds or through lending. The ...
  • Static Analysis of Technical and Economic Energy-Saving Potential in the Residential Sector of Xiamen City 

    Guo, Fei; Akenji, Lewis; Schroeder, Patrick; Bengtsson, Magnus (Elsevier, 2018-01)
    Based on a household energy use survey, this paper explores the technical and economic potential of residential energy savings in a Chinese city, Xiamen. The survey adopted a similar questionnaire used by the U.S. EIA's ...
  • Women and Peacebuilding: Local Perspectives on Opportunities and Barriers 

    Justino, Patricia; Mitchell, Rebecca; Müller, Catherine (International Institute of Social Studies, 2018-02)
    The UN Security Council Resolution 1325 has made strong provisions to include women in peace‐building interventions and actions. This is, however, rarely observed in practice beyond local‐level activities. This article ...
  • Linking taxation and social protection: Evidence on redistribution and poverty reduction in Ethiopia 

    Hirvonen, K; Mascagni, G; Roelen, Keetie (Wiley Online Library, 2018-01)
    Although redistribution results from the simultaneous effects of taxes and transfers, analyses of their distributional effects in low‐income countries have largely been undertaken from singular perspectives. This article ...
  • Systematic reviews of cost-effectiveness in low and middle income countries: a review of reviews 

    Masset, Edoardo; Mascagni, Giulia; Acharya, Arnab; Egger, E M; Saha, A (Taylor and Francis, 2018-02)
    We investigate whether systematic reviews of cost-effectiveness analyses of interventions in low and middle income countries are feasible and useful. To this aim, we systematically review systematic reviews of cost-effectiveness ...
  • Legal Empowerment and Social Accountability: Complementary Strategies Toward Rights-based Development in Health? 

    Joshi, Anuradha (Elsevier, 2017-11)
    Citizen-based accountability strategies to improve the lives of the poor and marginalized groups are increasingly being used in efforts to improve basic public services. The latest thinking suggests that broader, multi-pronged, ...
  • Linking Beneficial Ownership Transparency to Improved Tax Revenue Collection in Developing Countries 

    Prichard, Wilson (ICTD, 2018-05)
    Recent years have witnessed an accelerating push to expand access to information on the beneficial ownership of corporate entities, in an effort to bring greater transparency to multinational corporation (MNC) tax strategies, ...
  • Colonial Legacy, State-building and the Salience of Ethnicity in Sub-Saharan Africa 

    Ali, Merima; Fjeldstad, Odd‐Helge; Jiang, Boqian; Shifa, Abdulaziz B. (Wiley Online Library, 2018-02-13)
    African colonial history suggests that British colonial rule may have undermined state centralisation due to legacies of ethnic segregation and stronger executive constraints. Using micro‐data from anglophone and francophone ...
  • Aid and Taxation in Ethiopia 

    Mascagni, Giulia (Taylor and Francis, 2016-05-12)
    The relation between aid and taxation is largely contested in the literature. On the one hand, aid may act as a substitute for tax revenue and thus have a crowding-out effect. It can also have a detrimental effect on ...
  • Building Inclusive Peace and Security in Times of Unequal Development and Rising Violence 

    Luckham, Robin (Routledge, 2018)
    This paper situates the challenges of building peace and security within the historical legacies of unequal development, militarism and global violence. It identifies the spaces for change opened by shifts in global ...

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