Researchers are often strong in certain types of research; however, they would benefit from a broader understanding of research approaches, which would better respond to the increasing need of undertaking multi-disciplinary research, and would also crucial to then help people to develop these capabilities.

AURA Research Course One aims to enable learners to distinguish between different approaches to research and in particular to understand distinctions such as researcher-led and citizen-led, holistic and systemic as well as analytical approaches to research, and ‘wicked’ and ‘tame’ problems. They will also be able to apply the conceptual frameworks to research questions within these different approaches.

You are advised to refer to the R1 Course Pack Overview before exploring the full range of open educational resources.

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All of the course packs are aimed at educators in higher education institutions primarily in Africa but are also applicable to educators and other training/service providers in other parts of the world. Resources are can be re-used, adapted, or remixed (where indicated by the license) as long as the resulting materials are fully attributed.

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