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  • Engaged Excellence - Full issue 

    Leach, Melissa; Gaventa, John; Oswald, Katy (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    Who defines what good quality research is? How, why and who should we co-construct knowledge with? What counts as impact? How do we build enduring partnerships? The articles in this IDS Bulletin aim to answer these questions ...
  • Engaged Excellence - Notes on Contributors 

    Leach, Melissa (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    This is the notes on contributors for IDS Bulletin 47.6, 'Engaged Excellence'.
  • Introduction: Interrogating Engaged Excellence in Research 

    Oswald, Katy; Gaventa, John; Leach, Melissa (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    Approaches to engaged research, which do not just produce academic knowledge, but link with people and groups in society, have long intellectual roots. In recent years, however, for epistemological, practical and ethical ...
  • Knowledge Democracy and Excellence in Engagement 

    Tandon, Rajesh; Singh, Wafa; Clover, Darlene; Hall, Budd (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    We often come across theories and aspects related to ‘knowledge’, but seldom do we try to understand its hidden implications. Knowledge as understood generally is about the information of facts and understanding of a ...
  • Engaged Excellence or Excellent Engagement? Collaborating Critically to Amplify the Voices of Male Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence 

    Dolan, Chris; Shahrokh, Thea; Edström, Jerker; King Kabafunzaki, Darius; Maganya, Dieudonné; Moninga, Aimé; Onen Ongwech, David (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    This article considers the Institute of Development Studies’(IDS) concept of ‘engaged excellence’ from a postcolonial perspective, interrogating notions of ‘excellence’ determined in the global North, and calling for deep, ...
  • Moving Beyond Co-Construction of Knowledge to Enable Self‑Determination 

    Marina Apgar, J.; Mustonen, Tero; Lovera, Simone; Lovera, Miguel (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    It is increasingly recognised that co-construction of knowledge which brings together researcher-derived understanding, with local, practitioner or non-researcher understanding is necessary to address current global ...
  • Learning about ‘Engaged Excellence’ across a Transformative Knowledge Network 

    Ely, Adrian; Marin, Anabel (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    The ‘Pathways’ transformative knowledge network is an international group of research organisations, collaborating to explore processes of social transformation and to share insights across disciplines, cultures and ...
  • Affective Engagement: Teaching Young Kenyans about Safe and Healthy Sex 

    Oosterhoff, Pauline; Shephard, Kelly (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    Research suggests that young people are arriving at sex education sites mostly through campaigns on social media and paid sites. Whilst not everyone is accessing porn, it is essential to find creative ways to engage with ...
  • Choosing between Research Rigour or Support for Advocacy Movements, a False Dichotomy? 

    Pittore, Kat; te Lintelo, Dolf J.H.; Georgalakis, James; Mikindo, Tumaini (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    Using the case study of the Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI), this article seeks to answer key questions relating to the conceptualisation and operationalisation of engaged excellence, exploring the tensions ...
  • Indigenous Technical Knowledge: Analysis, Implications and Issues 

    Howes, Michael; Chambers, Robert (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    This review of the discussions of a workshop analyses indigenous technical knowledge (ITK), examines its potential for rural development, and outlines implications and issues. ITK is compared with institutionally organised ...
  • Introduction: Information, Knowledge and Power 

    Davies, Susanna (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    The idea that ‘knowledge itself is power’ is not new; but at the global level, this dictum is now truer than ever, as a result of rapid advances in information technology in the North. Increasingly, knowledge (including ...
  • Changing Perspectives on Forests: Science/Policy Processes in Wider Society 

    Leach, Melissa; Fairhead, James (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    This Bulletin attempts to link two sets of pressing contemporary concerns. On the one hand, it addresses changing relationships between science, policy and society in the context of internationalisation and public challenges ...
  • Whose Knowledge Counts? Development Studies Institutions and Power Relations in a Globalised World 

    Standing, Hilary; Taylor, Peter (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    Development studies is an uneasy discipline. It has a relatively short history that is linked particularly to decolonisation and the rise of overseas aid. It is associated almost exclusively with certain geographical ...
  • Engaged Excellence - Glossary 

    Leach, Melissa (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-22)
    This is the Glossary for IDS Bulletin 47.6, 'Engaged Excellence'.
  • States, Markets and Society – Looking Back to Look Forward 

    Leach, Melissa (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-08)
    ‘How does change happen?’ and ‘How should change happen and how can it be enabled?’ are key questions analysed in this IDS Bulletin, drawing on the Institute of Development Studies’ reflections on States, Markets and Society ...
  • Notes on contributors: States, Markets and Society – Looking Back to Look Forward 

    Leach, Melissa (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-08)
    This is the notes on contributors for IDS Bulletin 472A, 'States, Markets and Society – Looking Back to Look Forward'.
  • Introduction: States, Markets and Society – Looking Back to Look Forward 

    Leach, Melissa (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-08)
    The period since IDS was founded in 1966 has seen the rise and fall of state-led, market-led and society-focused approaches to development, accompanied by critique and counter-critique. Today, relationships are shifting ...
  • Politics, Class and Development (Editorial) 

    Luckham, Robin (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-08)
    The State is a powerful reality and a still more powerful abstraction. An abstraction which conservatives who believe in ‘political order’ affirm; which revolutionaries hope to smash or negate; which planners and technocrats ...
  • The Retreat of the State (Editorial) 

    Dearlove, John; White, Gordon (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-08)
    Article originally published July 1987, Volume 18 Issue 3; original IDS editing is retained here. We are currently witnessing a global process of economic restructuring in both North and South, East and West. Though ...
  • Alternatives in the Restructuring of State-Society Relations: Research Issues for Tropical Africa 

    Booth, David (Institute of Development Studies, 2016-12-08)
    This article considers the possible long‐run implications of the liberalisation programme currently under way throughout Tropical Africa. A strengthening of private‐sector institutions and a corresponding shift in the ...

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