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    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
  • Old Age Protection in the Context of Rural Development 

    Pei, Xiaomei; Tang, Youcai (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    This study examines the potential of rural communities for generating and allocating resources for rural old age support in the context of decreasing family resources and inadequate state provision. In?depth interviews ...
  • The Diverse Housing Needs of Rural to Urban Migrants and Policy Responses in China: Insights from a Survey in Fuzhou 

    Lin, Liyue; Zhu, Yu (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    Based on a survey of rural?urban migrants and subsequent in?depth interviews in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province in China, this article first provides a brief review of migrants' housing conditions, and assesses ...
  • Introduction: Overcoming Barriers to the Extension of Social Protection: Lessons from the Asia Region 

    Kabeer, Naila; Cook, Sarah (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    The contributions to this IDS Bulletin report on some of the findings from research undertaken under the Social Protection in Asia programme. This is a three?year policy?oriented research and network building programme, ...
  • Overcoming Extreme Poverty in India: Lessons Learnt from SKS 

    Huda, Karishma (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    Swayam Krishi Sangam (SKS), a leading microfinance institution in India, has implemented an innovative approach to poverty reduction known as the Ultra Poor Program (UPP). SKS believes that income generation is the key to ...
  • Residential Security as Social Protection 

    Gazdar, Haris; Mallah, Hussain Bux (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    This article argues that residential insecurity and social marginalisation are closely linked, particularly in communities where housing is accessed through traditional and patriarchal social institutions. It uses community ...
  • Tenure Security and Urban Social Protection Links: India 

    Mahadevia, Darshini (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    Guaranteeing tenure security to the households living in informal settlements (slums) has not seen any progress in urban India. This is because the policymakers have failed to see land tenure status as a continuum from ...
  • National Rural Employment Guarantee as Social Protection 

    Reddy, D. Narasimha; Tankha, Rukmini; Upendranadh, C.; Sharma, Alakh N. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    This article is an attempt to highlight issues around the implementation of NREGA with a focus on its institutions, governance and innovations. The main proposition considered is that institutions and governance play an ...
  • Making the Best of all Resources: How Indonesian Household Recipients Use the CCT Allowance 

    Syukri, Muhammad; Arif, Sirojuddin; Rosfadhila, Meuthia; Isdijoso, Widjajanti (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    Based on a qualitative study in four villages in Indonesia, this article explores how the conditional cash transfer (CCT) recipient households use the CCT funds. In 2007, the Government of Indonesia introduced a household ...
  • Women's Participation in the NREGA: Some Observations from Fieldwork in Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Rajasthan 

    Sudarshan, Ratna M.; Bhattacharya, Rina; Fernandez, Grace (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    The broad objective of this study was to understand the reasons behind the wide variations in participation by women in the NREGA and the policy implications that follow. Based on fieldwork in two states where women form ...
  • Social Protection during Disasters: Evidence from the Wenchuan Earthquake 

    Hu, Xiaojiang; Salazar, Miguel A.; Zhang, Qiang; Lu, Qibin; Zhang, Xiulan (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    Using evidence from the Wenchuan earthquake (12 May 2008) in China, this article examines the impact of disaster on the functioning of China's social protection system. The article examines the social protection system and ...
  • Good and Bad News from China's New Cooperative Medical Scheme 

    Zhang, Linxiu; Yi, Hongmei; Rozelle, Scott (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)
    The overall goal of this article is to understand the progress in implementing the New Cooperative Medical Scheme, while seeking to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the programme and, in particular, to understand its ...
  • Appendix 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/07/2010)