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  • Notes on Contributors 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
  • Introduction: Why Reflect Collectively on Capacities for Change? 

    Clarke, Peter; Oswald, Katy (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    ‘Capacity development’ implies a promise of growing self?reliance, national ownership and sustainability, yet practice seems consistently to fall short of this emancipatory promise. This introduction argues for a reframing ...
  • A Case for Surfacing Theories of Change for Purposeful Organisational Capacity Development 

    Aragón, Alfredo Ortiz (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    What are the capacities of an effective social change organisation (SCO)? Some SCOs may value strategic planning capacities, while others financial accountability to donors, improved teamwork, or networking capacities. But ...
  • Multiple Faces of Power and Learning 

    Pettit, Jethro (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    Power relations are seen by many as an obstacle to reducing poverty and inequality. There is a growing appetite for understanding power and for being more strategic about it, and a number of useful frameworks are now ...
  • Vices and Virtues in Capacity Development by International NGOs 

    James, Rick (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    We know what works in capacity development: a succession of studies from official agencies, academics and NGO practitioners have all highlighted similar principles of good practice. But the evidence also suggests that there ...
  • Values as a Driver for Capacity Development: Promoting Justice in Papua New Guinea 

    Pitpit, Frazer; Baser, Heather (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    This case study shows how the Office of the Public Solicitor of Papua New Guinea developed a social change vision built on clearly articulated values and used this as a driver for enhancing both its legitimacy and its ...
  • Capacities for Institutional Innovation: A Complexity Perspective 

    Woodhill, Jim (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    Many capacity development interventions have been driven by the needs of technological innovation rather than the needs of institutional innovation. However, this article argues that the global challenges of the twenty?first ...
  • Capacity Development Processes within a Social Movement: Päkehä Treaty Workers' Movement 

    Margaret, Jen (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    This article considers capacity development processes within the movement of non?indigenous people who support indigenous sovereignty in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Based on action research by a movement member, it explores if ...
  • Re?imagining Capacity and Collective Change: Experiences from Senegal and Ghana 

    Harvey, Blane; Langdon, Jonathan (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    This article presents two studies which examine learning among community collectives in Ghana and Senegal, in their struggles to sustain their livelihoods and agency amid political, environmental, and socioeconomic pressures. ...
  • Context and Position in a Systemic Approach to Capacity Development 

    Jackson, Carl (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    This article discusses a process of facilitating capacity development in the Africa Adapt network using a systemic approach. The author reflects on the extent to which the context of Africa Adapt enabled a systemic approach, ...
  • A ‘Systemic Theories of Change’ Approach for Purposeful Capacity Development 

    Aragón, Alfredo Ortiz; Giles Macedo, Juan Carlos (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    In this article, we present an emergent capacity development approach that we are developing through participatory action research in Peru and Ecuador, which we call ‘systemic theories of change’ (STOC), for organisational ...
  • Pushing at a Half?open Door 

    Pearson, Jenny (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    This article describes a process of working in Cambodia with a small group of individuals and organisations who identified learning as an essential component of their approach to capacity development. Over a six?month ...
  • Between Pragmatism and Idealism: Implementing a Systemic Approach to Capacity Development 

    Fisher, Catherine (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    Implementing a systemic approach to capacity development is more challenging than stakeholders expect and can be difficult to communicate to colleagues, donors and intended beneficiaries. This article explores challenges ...
  • The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same? 

    Soal, Sue (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)
    In this article, reflecting on the history of the Community Development Resource Association's (CDRA) approach to ‘capacity development’, the author suggests that in 15 years, very little has changed in the theory and ...
  • Notice of Omission 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/05/2010)