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  • Notes on Contributors 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
  • Introduction – The MDGs and Beyond: Pro?poor Policy in a Changing World 

    Sumner, Andy; Melamed, Claire (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    This issue of the IDS Bulletin is dedicated to discussing and reviewing the MDGs and the global effort that grew from the UN Millennium Declaration. This article provides an overview of this IDS Bulletin and introduces ...
  • Preface 

    Malloch?Brown, Mark (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
  • Reducing Inequality – The Missing MDG: A Content Review of PRSPs and Bilateral Donor Policy Statements 

    Fukuda?Parr, Sakiko (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    Although important gains have been made in reducing global poverty, the pace of progress across the world is not on track to achieve the 2015 MDG targets. Is this due to lack of ownership on the part of national governments ...
  • Lessons from the Making of the MDGs: Human Development Meets Results?based Management in an Unfair World 

    Hulme, David (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    This article argues that two ideas – human development and results?based management – were particularly significant in shaping the MDGs. These are unlikely intellectual bedfellows, but by charting the evolution of the MDGs, ...
  • The Impact and Design of the MDGs: Some Reflections 

    Manning, Richard (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    The MDGs appear to have been more influential than most other attempts at international target?setting in the field of development, at least at the level of international discourse. But has this translated into impact on ...
  • Towards Genuine Universalism within Contemporary Development Policy 

    Fischer, Andrew M. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    It is very difficult to know the impact of the MDGs on poverty reduction. On the one hand, poverty measurements are ambiguous, arbitrary and contested, even in the best of cases such as China and India. On the other hand, ...
  • A ‘2015’ Agenda for Africa: Development from a Human Perspective 

    Mekonen, Yehualashet (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    This article argues for a ‘2015’ agenda for Africa: one that is both for and by Africa and that is seen from a human perspective. Such an agenda would not be based on ‘universal’ Targets. It would have a qualitative basis ...
  • The MDGs in Historical Perspective 

    Jolly, Richard (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    Some 50 goals have been set over the UN's life, from goals for education in 1960 to the MDGs agreed at the Millennium Summit in New York in 2000. Cynics have charged that UN goals have been proposed and agreed with little ...
  • The MDGs Beyond 2015 

    Jahan, Selim (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    With six years to go, the world has a mixed record with regard to the achievement of the MDGs – a set of time?bound quantitative development targets the world set for itself in 2000 to reduce human poverty. The progress ...
  • Taking the MDGs Beyond 2015: Hasten Slowly 

    Vandemoortele, Jan; Delamonica, Enrique (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    The authors advise to hasten slowly in defining the successor framework to the MDGs. The review of progress in 2010 should not be intermingled with the intergovernmental discussions about the post?2015 framework. The latter ...
  • The MDG Paradigm, Productive Capacities and the Future of Poverty Reduction 

    Gore, Charles (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    The MDGs are important as they have led to a new international development consensus. However, this consensus has not effectively reduced poverty as it is based on a ‘Faustian bargain’, in which international commitment ...
  • The MDG–Human Rights Nexus to 2015 and Beyond 

    Robinson, Mary (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    Progress has been made in some MDG areas. But in some regions and in many Target areas, progress is overshadowed by the numbers of those left behind and by rising inequalities within and between nations. This article argues ...
  • A Poverty of Rights: Six Ways to Fix the MDGs 

    Langford, Malcolm (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    The reactions of the human rights community to the MDGs have been diverse. The goals have given a clear, communicable and quantitative focus to development but they arguably distract attention from important issues and are ...
  • Climate, Conflict and Capital: Critical Issues for the MDGs and Beyond 2015 

    Solheim, Erik (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    As 2015 approaches we need to take stock of how we have delivered on the MDGs. This article argues critical issues for accelerating progress on the MDGs and thinking beyond 2015, on climate, conflict and capital. Each is ...
  • The MDGs and Beyond: Can Low Carbon Development be Pro?poor? 

    Urban, Frauke (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    Climate change adaptation and mitigation needs to cut across all poverty reduction efforts, including any post?2015 architecture. However, low carbon development (LCD) debates to date have been mainly about high? and ...
  • Beyond Business as Usual: What Might 3-D Wellbeing Contribute to MDG Momentum? 

    McGregor, Allister; Sumner, Andy (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    The Millennium Declaration provided considerable impetus to refocus the efforts of development agents around the world on the major ethical challenge of eradicating global poverty. The MDGs that followed have become an ...
  • Progressing Gender Equality Post?2015: Harnessing the Multiplier Effects of Existing Achievements 

    Jones, Nicola; Holmes, Rebecca; Espey, Jessica (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    This article argues that international efforts to progress gender equality now and post?2015 need to build on the achievements of the MDGs and other international frameworks, but simultaneously address the gender dynamics ...
  • Holding on to the MDGs (For Now) 

    Wickstead, Myles A. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    As we move into 2010, this article argues that there are three questions to ask in the MDGs review. First, have MDGs maintained their political resonance? Second, are the MDGs still realistic? Third, are the MDGs still an ...
  • An MDG?plus Agenda for Africa 

    Nhema, Alfred G. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/01/2010)
    The MDGs have given African governments the incentive to implement poverty reduction strategies. They have galvanised and focused the development agenda, local governments, and donor countries. However, Africa as a continent ...

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