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  • Notes on Contributors 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
  • Hunger and Malnutrition in India 

    Saxena, N.C. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    Despite excellent economic growth in the last two decades India continues to suffer from ‘alarming’ hunger, and acute malnutrition amongst children under five. The recently introduced National Food Security Bill tries to ...
  • Food from the Courts: The Indian Experience 

    Mander, Harsh (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    It has been conventionally believed that whereas socioeconomic rights are critical for human survival with dignity, these fall within the domain of the executive and not of courts and the law. The recent experience in ...
  • Foreword 

    De Schutter, Olivier (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
  • Overview. Standing on the Threshold: Food Justice in India 

    Haddad, Lawrence; Chandrasekhar, C.P.; Swain, Biraj (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    This piece provides a summary of the articles detailing the recent fight for food justice in India. It begins by providing an overview of the state of food and nutrition in India and reflects on the experience to date of ...
  • Elimination of Identity?based Discrimination in Food and Nutrition Programmes in India 

    Mamgain, Rajendra P.; Diwakar, G. Dilip (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    India's growth story in recent years is being criticised for its inability to reduce the ever?increasing income inequality and higher incidence of malnutrition among its children, particularly those belonging to marginalised ...
  • Who do ICDS and PDS Exclude and What Can be Done to Change This? 

    Swain, Biraj; Kumaran, M. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    This article looks at the specifics of who the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and the Public Distribution System (PDS) exclude and what can be done to change this. It discusses three different types of ...
  • Measuring Political Commitment to Reducing Hunger and Under?nutrition: Can it be Done and Will it Help? 

    te Lintelo, Dolf J.H. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    Food justice in India requires stronger governance and greater political commitment. This article introduces the Hunger Reduction Commitment Index (HRCI): a novel approach to assess governments' political commitment to ...
  • How Best to Ensure ' Land, Forest and Mineral Rights? 

    Padel, Felix (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    Traditionally, Adivasis have lived for centuries in resource?rich regions, with a resulting high level of food security combined with in?built cultural restraints against taking too much from their environment. Increasingly ...
  • Food and Nutrition Justice: How to Make it More Newsworthy? 

    Thakurta, Paranjoy Guha; Chaturvedi, Subi (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    Growing corporatisation and commercialisation of the mass media in India and the world have resulted in facts and issues relating to food and nutrition justice being pushed to the fringes. In an environment where news?gathering ...
  • Priority Changes for Strengthening Women's Role as Producers, Processors and Providers of Food and Nutrition 

    Shah, Amita (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    The mutual dependence between access to food, nutrition and women's agency brings women to the centre stage of the discourse on food justice. The contemporary discourse needs to engage with wide?ranging issues pertaining ...
  • Food Price Levels and Volatility: Sources, Impact and Implications 

    Chandrasekhar, C.P. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    Food inflation in India for the past few years has been at an historic high. Higher food prices have especially hurt those who spend most of their income on food and have not necessarily been helpful to smallholder farmers ...
  • How Can India Help Prevent Food Price Volatility? 

    Swaminathan, M.S.; Vepa, Swarna S. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    This article is about India's role in reducing food price volatility in the world. India has come a long way from a ‘ship?to?mouth existence’ to a country that is ready to confer legal right to food to its citizens based ...
  • Revitalising Agriculture in Eastern India: Investment and Policy Priorities 

    Acharya, Nilachala; Das, Subrat (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    This article examines the priority accorded to agriculture and allied sectors in India's public expenditure over the last two decades, with specific attention to budgetary spending by the eastern region states. It observes ...
  • Large-scale Investments in Agriculture in India 

    Ramakumar, R. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    Public investment in agriculture has significant poverty-reducing effects. This article attempts to analyse trends in agricultural investments in India between the 1950s and the 2000s. It argues that public investment and ...
  • Adapting Smallholder Agriculture to Climate Change 

    Ramanjaneyulu, G.V. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    Agriculture and climate change are mutually impacted. The worst affected are the small and marginal farmers who constitute more than 70 per cent of the farming community in India. Extreme weather events like increased ...
  • India's Climate Policy: Squaring the Circle 

    Raghunandan, D. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1/7/2012)
    The Durban Platform process towards a new global climate agreement has thrown open for debate all issues, including those earlier settled in the Kyoto Protocol. Any new compact must ensure sharply reduced global emissions ...