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  • Notes on Contributors 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
  • Author Reflections 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    What follows are a few individual reflections from the authors of articles in this IDS Bulletin on why they used action research approaches and/or some of the critical issues that they see as important.
  • Getting to Grips with Power: Action Learning for Social Change in the UK 

    Pettit, Jethro (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    The transformative promises of participatory and action research can lead to a preoccupation with methods and tools, diverting attention from important questions about politics, purpose, facilitation, and the philosophical ...
  • Introduction: Action Research for Development and Social Change 

    Burns, Danny; Harvey, Blane; Aragón, Alfredo Ortiz (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    This article examines the threads that run through the seven different accounts of action research that make up this IDS Bulletin . It links the practice of action research to the power and positionality of action research ...
  • Shifting Identity from Within the Conversational Flow of Organisational Complexity 

    Aragón, Alfredo Ortiz (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    This article draws on an organisational strengthening process I carried out as part of my PhD research, which was intended to develop capacity?building methodology to help organisations grapple with their complex social ...
  • Guns, Silences, and Change: Using Action Research in Contexts of Violence 

    Wheeler, Joanna (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    Using participatory approaches within violent contexts calls for special attention to be paid to a range of issues and questions. Much of current development policy and practice does not take into account the degree to ...
  • Sharing and Co?generating Knowledges: Reflections on Experiences with PRA and CLTS 

    Chambers, Robert (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    The evolution and spread of PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal or Participatory Reflection and Action) and CLTS (Community?Led Total Sanitation) have involved activities of sharing and co?generating knowledge which can ...
  • Action Research with Children: Lessons from Tackling Disasters and Climate Change 

    Tanner, Thomas; Seballos, Frances (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    Recent research and practice from the fields of climate change adaptation and disaster management has created a shift from emphasis of children's vulnerability and need for protection towards their potential as agents of ...
  • Participatory Systemic Inquiry 

    Burns, Danny (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    This article explores Participatory Systemic Inquiry processes through two examples of practise. The first is about embedding public engagement in UK higher education, the second is about water infrastructure development ...
  • Linking Community, Radio, and Action Research on Climate Change: Reflections on a Systemic Approach 

    Harvey, Blane; Burns, Danny; Oswald, Katy (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)
    This article reflects upon the opportunities and challenges of using Participatory Action Research (PAR) with community radio broadcasters in southern Ghana to investigate the impacts of climate change. Through a detailed ...
  • Glossary 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 05/2012)