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    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
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    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
  • Precursors of the Egyptian Revolution 

    Ali, Khalid (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    This article argues that there had been sustained protests for at least a decade before the January 25th uprisings, which functioned as the political incubators that nurtured the forces of the revolution, shaping people's ...
  • The Role of the Youth's New Protest Movements in the January 25th Revolution 

    Ezbawy, Yusery Ahmed (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    The January 25th uprisings were instigated by youth social protest movements which were organised through online social networks and that had the experience and capability of taking their activism from the virtual world ...
  • Introduction: The Pulse of the Arab Revolt 

    Tadros, Mariz (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    This article explores the dynamics of the rupture with the status quo that transformed the face of the Arab world. It examines the meanings of the pathways of social and political change in the light of some of the ...
  • The Mubarak Regime's Failed Youth Policies and the January Uprising 

    Wardany, Youssef (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    Throughout its 30 years in power, the regime of President Mubarak failed to meet the needs of the younger generation. During the last ten years in particular, the gap between actual reality and the political rhetoric about ...
  • The Political Economy of the Egyptian and Arab Revolt 

    Dahi, Omar S. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    This article advances a framework for understanding the political economy of the Egyptian and Arab revolts. After almost three decades of implementing neoliberal economic policies, the Egyptian economy was nevertheless ...
  • Accumulative Bad Governance 

    Fawzy, Sameh (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    This article argues that accumulative bad governance over three decades of Mubarak's regime represents one of the main reasons why people revolted. Bad governance contributed to the fall of the regime in three fundamental ...
  • Backstage Governance 

    Tadros, Mariz (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    Mubarak's regime was able to pursue political liberalisation without undermining the status quo through the role played by the State Security Investigations apparatus (SSI) in backstage governance. This article discusses ...
  • The January 25th Uprisings: Through or in Spite of Civil Society? 

    Abd el Wahab, Ayman (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    Did the January 25th revolution emanate from civil society? Not if the conventional Western understanding of the term is used, and certainly not if its programmatic association with established organisations is assumed. ...
  • Human Rights Organisations and the Egyptian Revolution 

    El Naggar, Mohamed Hussein (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    In much of the democratisation and development literature, human rights organisations were championed as whistle?blowers and advocates of justice. This article argues that human rights organisations were just as disconnected ...
  • The Islamist vs the Islamic in Welfare Outreach 

    Siam, Emad (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    Egypt's Islamist forces, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood, have been known for their broad?based populist base, one which was partly associated with their extensive welfare outreach. Yet how do we account for the ...
  • The Jaded Gender and Development Paradigm of Egypt 

    Sholkamy, Hania (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    The people's solidarity in search for rights, dignity and justice in the days of the uprising against Mubarak's regime challenged the assumptions guiding the gender and development paradigm. Women who participated in their ...
  • Donors' Responses to Arab Uprisings: Old Medicine in New Bottles? 

    Mustapha, Yousry (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)
    This article examines Western donors' reactions to the Arab uprisings and whether there has been a radical departure, since January 2011, from previous modes of engagement. It takes the EU and USA as case studies of the ...
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    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, January 20)