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dc.contributor.authorTaylor, Faith E.
dc.contributor.authorMalamud, Bruce D.
dc.contributor.authorMillington, James D.A.
dc.identifier.citationTaylor, Faith E.; Malamud, Bruce D. and Millington, James D.A. (2018) Assessing Multi-hazard Risk to Urban Infrastructure Using Low-cost GIS Techniques, Briefing, Urban ARK
dc.description.abstractNatural hazards (e.g. floods, fires) have the potential to occur at the same time or trigger other natural hazards. These multi-hazards potentially have a greater impact than the individual impacts from the individual hazards involved. Towns and cities are comprised of different infrastructure types (e.g., roads, power, water) of varying quality in different areas which may be impacted by hazards to differing degrees. This briefing outlines how a low-data cost GIS methodology – urban texture – can support the assessment of the differing impacts on different types of infrastructure. We focus here on Nairobi (Kenya) and Karonga (Malawi), but emphasise that our methods are generally applicable.
dc.publisherUrban ARK
dc.titleAssessing Multi-hazard Risk to Urban Infrastructure Using Low-cost GIS Techniques

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