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dc.contributor.authorAlkire, Sabina
dc.contributor.authorRobson, Matthew
dc.identifier.citationAlkire, S. and Robson, M. (2018). ‘On data availability for assessing monetary and multidimensional poverty’, OPHI Research in Progress 52a, University of Oxford.
dc.description.abstractData availability plays a crucial role in the fight against poverty. Yet, it lags behind the data available on most other economic phenomena. We catalogue and review existing data availability aiming to break the cycle of outdated poverty data. We identify countries that generate and analyse frequent and accurate poverty data to highlight potential improvements. Results show, data for both monetary and multidimensional poverty dramatically increased since 1980. Sixty countries now produce annual datasets, while internationally comparable short surveys and regional harmonised variable definitions are being implemented. These existing resources and experiences can inform much-needed efforts to expand data availability.
dc.publisherUniversity of Oxford
dc.titleOn Data Availability for Assessing Monetary and Multidimensional Poverty
dc.rights.holderOxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative

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