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dc.contributor.authorAlcott, Benjamin
dc.contributor.authorRose, Pauline
dc.contributor.authorSabates, Ricardo
dc.contributor.authorCherfils, Mildrade
dc.contributor.authorAlonso, Maria Luisa
dc.identifier.citationAlcott, B., Rose, P., Sabates. R, Cherfils, M., Alonso, M. L., 2018 Assessment for Action: An Organic, Free-Range Approach to Raising Learning for All. Policy Paper No. 18/5. REAL Centre, University of Cambridge, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1995018
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this synthesis report is to identify commonalities that can help to characterise the PAL Network’s work as a whole. More specifically, it presents: (1) The role that the PAL Network’s assessments provide in both depicting as well as improving children’s learning, i.e., assessment for action (2) The unique strengths of the PAL Network that can enable to deliver these actions, namely its organic growth and free-range adaption. It identifies that PAL Network members are diverse in their backgrounds, in their history with the use of citizen-led assessments, and in their evolutions from assessment to action. The Network provides a structure and platform with which to harness this diversity, using assessment for action to help raise learning for all.
dc.publisherREAL Centre, University of Cambridge
dc.titleAssessment for Action: An Organic, Free-Range Approach to Raising Learning for All
dc.rights.holder© REAL Centre, University of Cambridge

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