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dc.contributor.authorNorth, Amy
dc.contributor.authorLonglands, Helen
dc.identifier.citationNorth, A. and Longlands, H. (2019) 'Gender, Poverty and Educational Equality', in M.J. Schuelka; C.J. Johnstone; G. Thomas and A.J. Artiles (eds), The SAGE Handbook of Inclusion and Diversity in Education, London: SAGE Publications Ltd
dc.description.abstractA chapter on gender, poverty and educational equality from 'The SAGE Handbook of Inclusion and Diversity in Education'. The handbook examines policy and practice from around the world with respect to broadly conceived notions of inclusion and diversity within education. It sets out to provide a critical and comprehensive overview of current thinking and debate around aspects such as inclusive education rights, philosophy, context, policy, systems, and practices for a global audience. This makes it an ideal text for researchers and those involved in policy-making, as well as those teaching in classrooms today. Chapters are separated across three key parts: Part I: Conceptualizations and Possibilities of Inclusion and Diversity in Education; Part II: Inclusion and Diversity in Educational Practices, Policies, and Systems; and Part III: Inclusion and Diversity in Global and Local Educational Contexts.
dc.publisherSAGE Publications Ltd
dc.titleChapter 9: Gender, Poverty and Educational Equality
dc.typeBook chapter
dc.rights.holder© Amy North and Helen Longlands 2019

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