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dc.contributor.authorStellmach, Darryl
dc.identifier.citationStellmach, D. (2020) Independent assessment of the SSHAP response to Ebola in the DRC, 2018-2020, SSHAPen
dc.description.abstractThis report is intended as a rapid, light-touch assessment of SSHAP response activities related to the EVD outbreaks in DRC (2018-2020). To that end it covers the Équateur outbreak, North Kivu outbreak, plus preparedness activities in Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi. The assessment attempted to document a) what worked well and why; b) challenges faced; and c) any gaps identified; and to provide recommendations. The report is intended to inform the present intervention along with future strategy. To carry out the work SSHAP retained a single consultant, external to the intervention but experienced in epidemic response and social research in humanitarian and emergency settings.en
dc.description.sponsorshipWellcome Trusten
dc.publisherSocial Science in Humanitarian Action (SSHAP)en
dc.titleIndependent Assessment of the SSHAP Response to Ebola in the DRC, 2018-2020en
dc.typeSeries paper (non-IDS)en
dc.rights.holderSocial Science in Humanitarian Action (SSHAP)en
rioxxterms.funderDefault funderen
rioxxterms.identifier.projectDefault projecten

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