Recent Submissions

  • Inclusive Urbanisation and Cities in the Twenty-First Century 

    Kasper, E; McGranahan, G; te Lintelo, D.J.H; Gupte, J; Tranchant, J-P; Lakshman, R.W.D; Nesbitt-Ahmed, Z (IDS, 2017-02)
    In academic and policy discourse, urbanisation and cities are currently receiving a great deal of attention, and rightly so. Both have been central to the enormous transformation the world has been going through during ...
  • Creating Safe and Inclusive Cities that Leave No One Behind 

    Gupte, Jaideep (IDS, 2016-12)
    Half of humanity now lives in urban areas, and a growing number of cities are leading the way in generating global GDP. However, cities have increasingly become key loci of violence over the last 50 years, which particularly ...