On 2-4 November, 2015 the AURA Consortium and WHO FHIFA-Fr convened an online discussion with leading international experts from the World Health Organisation, the Institute of Development Studies, the University of East Anglia, OnThinkTanks, INASP and ITOCA. The event was entitled ‘Researchers of the Future: on 21st Century approaches for effective, global research’ and discussed topics such as:

  1. How has research shifted in practice?
  2. What does an increased emphasis on holistic approaches mean for research?
  3. How would a shift in research practice, applied in the social and digital environment, impact on the capabilities of researchers in the future?

The concept note and transcripts of the speakers’ contributions are shared in this collection. Many of the presentations are complemented by a video resource. These can be accessed via the AURA YouTube Channel.

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