Recent Submissions

  • The Limits of Planning 

    Unknown author (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Evaluation in Rural Development Projects 

    Kinsey, B. H. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY Built?in project evaluation units can do much to improve the design and implementation of rural development projects if types of information required are unambiguously specified by aid agencies, governments and ...
  • Appropriate Methodology for Development Research 

    Belshaw, D. G. R. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY A research?planning?development sequence model in an agricultural sector is outlined. Applied development studies research in Eastern Africa is examined to see the extent to which applied research does not yield ...
  • The Limits to Health Care Planning 

    Heller, Tom (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY Health care is not a ‘thing’ to be ‘delivered’ to other people. Current approaches to health care planning in many countries are criticized. The lessons that could be derived from the Chinese model are reviewed ...
  • Bargaining and the Multinational Corporation: Lessons from Chilean Experience 

    Jenkins, Rhys (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY If neo?classical theories of foreign investment are rejected then approaches to direct foreign investment bargaining, as a form of planning, have a special importance. The assumptions on which the neo?classical ...
  • National Water Management: The Central Planning Impetus 

    Vincent, Linden (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY A national water administration must ensure that water is available where it is needed at the least financial and environmental cost: thus planning capability is more important than operational efficiency. The ...
  • Planning Techniques: Physical Indicators in Tanzania 

    Thomas, Ian (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY Following an introductory discussion of levels of infant mortality in Tanzania, some indices developed in research and planning work with reference to the provision of health facilities in Iringa Region before and ...
  • Planning Techniques: Areal Data Collection Units and Migration in Malawi 

    Coleman, G. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY Three problems with areal data collection units are identified, namely aggregation levels, areal boundaries and the size and shape of areal units. Examples are drawn from Malawi. RESUME Les Techniques de ...
  • Planning and Implementation: Towards an ‘Open’ Approach 

    Barnett, A. S. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY ‘As if’ planning an ‘as is’ world is rejected, and a semantic rather than an experimental approach suggested towards an ‘open’ concept. RESUME Planification et Exécution: vers une Approche ‘Ouverte’ On ...
  • Tomi? on Christian Democracy and the Left in Chile: A Comment 

    Lehmann, David (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1976)
    SUMMARY This article criticizes the argument of Radorniro Tomi?, (see ‘Reflections on the Coup d'Etat in Chile’, IDS Bulletin vol.7 no. 3, October 1975) according to which there was a possibility of an agreement between ...