Recent Submissions

  • Military and Development in Bangladesh 

    Lindquist, Alan (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
    SUMMARY This article traces the origins of the Bangladesh army back to the British East India Company's army and follows its development through the colonial period, looking at the consequences of the exclusion of Bengalis ...
  • Brazil: Military State and Vanishing Miracle 

    Bolaffi, Gabriel (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
    SUMMARY This paper was written under the impact of recent developments in Brazil. Since the military assumed power in 1964, the regime has been based on the dual principles of liberal rhetoric and authoritarian practice. ...
  • Editorial 

    L., R. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
  • Militarism: Force, Class and International Conflict 

    Luckham, Robin (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
    SUMMARY This article carries forward the analysis of militarism begun in IDS Bulletin Vol 8 No 3. It examines the difficult problems of ensuring peace when pressures for military expansion are sustained both by internal ...
  • Multinational Firms and the State in Kenya 

    Langdon, Steven (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
    SUMMARY This article discusses the role of the State in relations between foreign and local capital in Kenya. Because of their control over the technology that accelerates capital accumulation, multinational firms have ...
  • Notes on the Political Economy of State Intervention in Nigeria 

    Forrest, Tom (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
    SUMMARY The pattern of Nigeria's capitalist development is examined. In particular the logic of state intervention is related to the growth of foreign capital and the evolution of Nigeria's commercial relations. It is ...
  • US Influence and a Caribbean Post?Colonial State 

    Lamb, Geoff (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
    SUMMARY This article deals with the political changes produced in Trinidad by the intensification of the 'anti?imperialist' political struggle—overwhelmingly working?class in origin— against foreign domination of the ...
  • The State, MNCs and Natural Resources in Latin America 

    Fortin, Carlos (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
    SUMMARY Relations between MNCs and Third World host countries in the field of natural resources are often discussed in terms of bargaining. This article suggests an alternative approach based on an analysis of post?War ...
  • Development Planning and Dependence 

    Villamil, José J. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
    SUMMARY Much development planning theory and practice has been based on neo?classical approaches to development. Recent work on 'dependence' has been critical of these views and has suggested alternatives emphasizing ...
  • Third World Issues: A Challenge for Television Conference at IDS, 24?26 September 1976 

    Gee, T. W. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)
  • Oil: The Making of a New Economic Order. Venezuelan Oil and OPEC 

    Turner, Terisa (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1977)