Recent Submissions

  • Editorial 

    Unknown author (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1980)
  • Teaching Economics Principles as Part of Development Studies 

    Cameron, John; Cole, Ken; Edwards, Chris (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1980)
    SUMMARY The article starts from the proposition that present divisions in the subject of economics, its practice and teaching, are due to the existence of fundamental irreconcilable differences, which can be characterised ...
  • Does Development Studies Have a Core? 

    Toye, John (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1980)
    SUMMARY Should graduate courses in development studies contain a core element, which would be compulsory for all students, or should students be free to take whatever combination of course elements they choose? In the ...
  • Challenging Development Concepts 

    Leys, Colin (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1980)
    SUMMARY The paper argues that the main need in teaching development in the 1980s is not to overcome academic inertia (using yesterday's theories to think about tomorrow's problems) but to exorcise an ideological concept ...
  • Distant Encounters of a Third Kind: Problems of Generalism in the Teaching of Development Studies 

    Apthorpe, Raymond (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1980)
    SUMMARY Is ‘the Third World’, as it is commonly and distantly conceptualised and perceived ‘in the West’, more an invention than a discovery? Development studies persist in construing it predominantly in ‘other?cultural’ ...
  • Case Studies and the Teaching of Development 

    Henderson, Willie; Rado, Emil R. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1980)
    SUMMARY Case studies come in several forms and can be used for different pedagogic and academic purposes. The authors examine the role of case study in development studies teaching, reviewing definitions and actual usages. ...
  • Should Development Studies Be Taught in Britain? 

    Oxenham, John (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1980)
    SUMMARY The desire to help fellow human beings, and natural curiosity, provide a first justification for an affirmative answer to this question, but should be placed on the practice of curiosity (eg on the location of ...