Recent Submissions

  • Dependency in the Eighties 

    Bienefeld, Manfred (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
    SUMMARY Dependency theory grew from disillusion with the notion that the integration of technologically backward economies into the world market would be a decisive stimulant for social, political and economic development. ...
  • The Articulation of External and Internal Variables and the Industrial Prospects of Peripheral Societies 

    Rodríguez, Ennio (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
    SUMMARY From a perspective which stresses the importance of the global capitalist system in the determination of structural opportunities opened to parts of this system, three theoretical formulations are critically ...
  • Editorial: Is Dependency Dead? 

    Godfrey, Martin (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
  • The Plantation Economy Model and the Caribbean 

    Pantin, Dennis (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
    SUMMARY A critical appraisal of the plantation economy model (PEM)—a species of dependency analysis which concentrates on the impact of imperial domination on the export?propelled economies of the Caribbean, as metropolitan ...
  • Iran: Dependency and Industrialisation 

    Hakimian, Hassan (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
    SUMMARY Iran's growing integration into the global economy, mainly through exports of petroleum, has relieved the foreign exchange constraint and made revenue for development available to the state. But the social and ...
  • Is Dependency Always Bad? Costa Rica—a Case for Dependent Development 

    Rodríguez, Ennio (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
    SUMMARY If the dependency approach is to make contributions beyond the description of past events to the analysis of development strategies. explicit discussion in terms of available historical alternatives must he ...
  • Export?Oriented Industrialisation and Dependent Development: the Experience of Singapore 

    Beng, Cheah Hock (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
    SUMMARY Export?oriented industrialisation (EOI) is now advocated for developing countries—in reaction to the reputed failures of import substitution, as efficient and competitive and beneficial to employment (because based ...
  • Dependency and the Experience of Industry in the Republic of Ireland 

    O'Malley, Eoin (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
    SUMMARY This article accepts the dependency school's emphasis on analysing characteristics of the international capitalist system as necessary for understanding the causes of underdevelopment. The competitive advantages ...
  • Export Orientation in South Korea: How Helpful is Dependency Thinking to its Analysis? 

    Luedde-Neurath, Richard (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)
    SUMMARY This paper argues that dependency thinking has been applied to the South Korean experience of export orientation in both an uncritical and unhelpful fashion with the result that some of the most important features ...
  • General References/Bibliography 

    Unknown author (Institute of Development Studies, 01/12/1980)