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  • Editorial 

    R.L. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
  • Women and Seasonality: Coping with Crisis and Calamity 

    Jiggins, Janice (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    SUMMARY This article explores the contribution of female production, labour and domestic domain services to the management of seasonal stress, crisis and calamity, under the headings: switching tasks and responsibilities ...
  • Food Shortages and Seasonality in WoDaaBe Communities in Niger 

    White, Cynthia (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    Summary Data on WoDaaBe nomadic pastoralists in central Niger demonstrate that seasonality, through a coincidence of stress factors in the dry and transition seasons, clearly does reinforce poverty in this group. Although ...
  • Seasonality and Ultrapoverty 

    Lipton, Michael (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    SUMMARY The ultra?poor — a group of people who eat below 80 per cent of their energy requirements despite spending at least 80 per cent of income on food — are most vulnerable to seasonal fluctuations in food supply and ...
  • Household Food Strategies in Response to Seasonality and Famine 

    Longhurst, Richard (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    SUMMARY Rural families have a range of strategies with which to cope with seasonal and inter?seasonal fluctuations in food supply. For landed households the most important seasonal strategies include choice of cropping ...
  • Biomass, Man and Seasonality in the Tropics 

    Leakey, Colin (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    SUMMARY Agricultural research linked to government policies to increase the availability of biomass to provide food, forage and medicine requires a re?think. In particular, by ignoring trees and gathered foods, policies ...
  • Trees, Seasons and the Poor 

    Chambers, Robert; Longhurst, Richard (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    SUMMARY Trees play a significant role in poor people's seasonal livelihoods: this has been a neglected subject due to interlocking biases against understanding how the poor secure their incomes, and ignorance of the ...
  • Seasonality in a Savanna District of Ghana – Perceptions of Women and Health Workers 

    Gordon, Gill (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    SUMMARY Households in a coastal district of Ghana aim to maintain a constant supply of food by farming, fishing and trading. Trading in processed foods is highly competitive in the rainy season. Many families respond to ...
  • Access to Food, Dry Season Strategies and Household Size amongst the Bambara of Central Mali 

    Toulmin, Camilla (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    SUMMARY This article describes the seasonal variation in production and household organisation in a Sahelian farming village. With the loosening of domestic responsibilities, once the harvest is stored, the dry season ...
  • Seasonality and Poverty: Implications for Policy and Research 

    Longhurst, Richard; Chambers, Robert; Swift, Jeremy (Institute of Development Studies, 01/07/1986)
    SUMMARY There is great diversity in the way different groups of people are affected by seasonality and cope with it. Greater understanding of this diversity is required if policy and project interventions are to strengthen ...