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dc.contributor.authorWallis, M. A. H.
dc.identifier.citationWallis, M. A. H. (1973) Training problems in community development : a proposal for research. Working Paper 121, Nairobi: Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobien_GB
dc.description.abstractThe I.D.S. SRDP evaluation concludes that not enough attention has yet been paid to the promotion and guidance of participation in self-help activities. In particular, it was felt that more effort was required for “training” leaders for these activities. This research proposal takes its cue from this perspective. It is concerned with evaluating what is at present being done in the field of training at different levels, probably with special reference to the Community development assistants, Chiefs and local project committee leaders. It is hypothesised that there are a number of constraints upon CD training. Five main ones are suggested:- a) the tendency for bureaucratic organisations to encourage conformity, rather than innovativeness; b) the difficulty of establishing and maintaining cooperation between different agencies who are involved in CD in the field; c) the likelihood that the Chiefs, who play an important role in CD, may not be oriented to the participatory ideas which theoretically guide the ‘harambee’ movement; d) the lack of clear objectives which can guide field officers involved in CD training; e) the difficulty of establishing harmonious relationships between CD and actors within the political system. The research will be mainly carried out in SRDP areas (although non-SRDP areas may provide useful comparative data). A Questionnaire will be administered, but more importance is attached to the in-depth interview and participant-observation.en_GB
dc.publisherInstitute for Development Studies, University of Nairobien_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesWorking papers;121
dc.subjectRural Developmenten_GB
dc.titleTraining problems in community development: a proposal for researchen_GB
dc.typeSeries paper (non-IDS)en_GB
dc.rights.holderInstitute for Development Studies, University of Nairobien_GB

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