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dc.contributor.authorChivandikwa, Nehemiah
dc.identifier.citationChivandikwa, N. (2010) Theorising practice and practising theory in university theatre design courses: the case of two Zimbabwean state universities, Zimbabwe Journal of Education Research (ZJEER), vol. 22, no.1, pp. 138-147. Harare: HRRC.en
dc.descriptionA journal article on theatre art design education in Zimbabwe State Universities.en
dc.description.abstractCognisant of the fact that theatre, particularly theatre design, is a multimedia art which uses many levels of communication, this article posits that, theatre design courses in universities should endeavour to do justice to both theory and practice. By way of comparing costume and scenic design courses at two state universities, namely, Chinhoyi University of Science and Technology and the University of Zimbabwe the study established that there is evident tension and negative attitudes among students regarding either theory or practicum at the two institutions. This article postulates that these tensions and negative attitudes have to be sufficiently addressed so that students are psychologically, technically and intellectually equipped to theorise practice and practice theory in design courses. The article submits that it is only through such an approach that theatre design curriculum can produce students-cum artists who can make meaningful and effective contributions in theatre design in the country.en
dc.publisherHuman Resource Research Centre (HRRC), University of Zimbabwe (UZ)en
dc.titleTheorising practice and practising theory in university theatre design courses: the case of two Zimbabwean state universitiesen
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ)en

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