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dc.contributor.authorYishak, Tihitina
dc.contributor.authorJemal, Hasena
dc.contributor.authorShemesu, Hanisa
dc.identifier.citationYishak, T., Jemal, H. and Shemesu, H. (2014) Assessment of credit collection management in Oromia Credit and Saving Share Company Sebeta branch. Addis Ababa: St. Mary's University.en
dc.description.abstractThis study will be conducted to spotlight credit collection management of OCSSO Sebeta Branch. Credit management is the backbone of an organization that is built on giving financial services to its clients or customers. Not only would it help organizations to maintain their sustainability but also help keeps their profitability. OCSSCO gives financial services for its customers of which credit is the core one. The study will assess the strength and weaknesses of the company in managing its credit collection. The source of data will include both primary and secondary method of data collection primary data is going to be collected through questionnaires and interviews; on the other hand the secondary data is going to be collected from strategic plans, Operational manuals of the company reports and others.en
dc.publisherSt.Mary's University, Ethiopiaen
dc.subjectRural Developmenten
dc.titleAssessment of credit collection management in Oromia Credit and Saving Share Company Sebeta branchen
dc.rights.holderSt.Mary's University, Ethiopiaen

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