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dc.contributor.authorAbebe, Bantamlak
dc.identifier.citationAbebe, B. (2013) An assessment of construction equipment management practice at Defense Construction Enterprise. Addis Ababa: St. Mary's University.en
dc.description.abstractConstruction equipment is one of the major resources in the construction process for construction companies. This study aims to examine the practice of construction equipment management in Defense Construction Enterprise. The study focuses on examining the practice and challenges like lake of clear policy and guidelines,availbilty of the spear part, lack of training and development, lack of skilled manpower and other factors that could influence construction equipment management practice in DCE .To answer research questions the study adopted the mixed research approach. The study employed descriptive research approach and used secondary data and also primary sources like structured questionnaire and interview were carried out with enterprise management numbers, project managers, case team leaders and senior technicians. The survey and interview was conducted through purposive sampling technique. For the sake of achieving the objectives of this study, questionnaires were analyzed in descriptive form and findings were displayed in a table with assistance of a statistical package for the social science (spss) program and data from interview and document reviews were interpreted qualitatively. The results show that construction equipment management practice from various perspectives of equipment management aspects in defense construction is assumed to be poor. Based on findings, recommendations like crating awareness to all employee, implement clear CEM policy and procedures to enterprise management bodies, to project managers of enterprise and suggestions for other researchers are forwarded. The challenge encountered in this research was lack of important data materials. The completion of the study assisted the construction equipment administration and maintenance support process and other process owners of the enterprise to determine its performance status and pin-point areas where there are short comings in the enterprise construction equipment management efficiency.en
dc.publisherSt.Mary's University, Ethiopiaen
dc.subjectIndustrial Developmenten
dc.subjectWork and Labouren
dc.titleAn assessment of construction equipment management practice at Defense Construction Enterpriseen
dc.rights.holderSt.Mary's University, Ethiopiaen

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