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dc.contributor.authorAberra, Lelise
dc.identifier.citationAberra, L. (2002) Factors Affecting the Implementation of New Product Development in Faffa Food Share Company. Jimma University 37. Jimma: Jimma University.en
dc.description.abstractNew product development has an important role in the implementation of both corporate and Marketing strategy, and the development of new products should involvement of all elements of the business. Because of the high rate and cost of failure for new products, it is imperative that firms develop systematic procedures for identifying and screening new products development. However the efficient implantation of a new product plan requires effective pricing, advertising and other marketing programs. The product life cycle concept is especially important to the Marketing strategy planning. It shows that a firm needs different Marketing Mixes- and even strategies. This is an important points because profit changes during the life cycle. The failure rate of new product is high- but it is lower for better managed firms that recognize product development and management as vital process. The focus of this study was on how to develop new product to the faffa food share company in order to maximize the profit as well as the demand for its product by identifying the problem and the reasons for failure in implementing the development of the product.en
dc.description.sponsorshipJimma Universityen
dc.publisherJimma Universityen
dc.subjectDevelopment Policyen
dc.titleFactors Affecting the Implementation of New Product Development in Faffa Food Share Companyen
dc.rights.holderJimma Universityen

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