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dc.contributor.authorMatiure, Sheasby.
dc.identifier.citationMatiure, S. (2003) Music - The Concept Defined, ZBTE vol. 12, no. 2. (pp. 102 - 113.) UZ, Mt. Pleasant, Harare: DTE.en
dc.descriptionA ZBTE journal article on music education in Zimbabwe.en
dc.description.abstractThis article is a synthesis of ideas from different sources. Ideas are drawn from part of my research on multicultural music education and from various readings on music as a concept. In the article I make a very simple conceptual analysis of music the sound and music as a phenomena of social construction. Muse as a product of social construction is discussed in view of the role of the community in the development of a music tradition within a culture. Towards the end of the article I propose a comprehensive definition of music so as educators in Zimbabwe may develop a strong philosophical base for music education.en
dc.publisherDepartment of Teacher Education (DTE), University of Zimbabwe (UZ).en
dc.titleMusic - The Concept Defineden
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ).en

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