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dc.contributor.authorWhittle, H.
dc.contributor.authorWhittle, A.
dc.contributor.authorWicks, A.
dc.coverage.spatialZimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia.)en_GB
dc.identifier.citationWhittle, H. et al. (1970) The Weights of Young African Children in a Township in Rhodesia, CAJM vol. 16,no.1. Harare (formerly Salisbury), Avondale: HRRC.en_GB
dc.descriptionA CAJM article on the standard weight of Zimbabwean (Rhodesian) children vis-a-vis the avarage incomes of their parents.en_GB
dc.description.abstractNo standards of normal weight for young children exist for the African population in Rhodesia. Ford (1964) suggested that the Havard Standards (Stuart and Stevenson, 1959) could be used as a guide in assessing malnutrition in different ethnic groups when no local standards of reference are available. This idea has been further elaborated by Jelliffe (1966), who suggested a General Standard of Reference, which was derived from the Havard data. This study establishes a standard for African children in Rhodesia and also compares the weight-for-age curve of these young children of mixed genetic background with that derived from the Havard data.en_GB
dc.publisherCentral African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (formerly University College of Rhodesia.)en_GB
dc.subjectChildren and Youthen_GB
dc.titleThe Weights of Young African Children in a Township in Rhodesiaen_GB
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabween_GB

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