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dc.contributor.authorKazembe, Takawira
dc.contributor.authorMashoko, Dominic
dc.identifier.citationKazembe, Takawira & Mashoko, Dominic (2008) Should Traditional Medicine Practiced in Chivi, Zimbabwe Be Included In School Curricula? ZJER vol. 20, no.1. Harare, Mt. Pleasant: HRRCen_GB
dc.descriptionA ZJER article on proposals to include traditional medicines on the education curricular in Zimbabwe.en_GB
dc.description.abstractTraditional medical practices in Chivi District, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe were investigated through interviewing traditional healers and other dwellers of the district and through questionnaires given to medical doctors, nurses, heads of science departments of secondary schools and representatives of form four students from thirty-two secondary schools in the district. The respondents consisted of 42% males, 58% females and 16% of the total being below the age of 25 years. Data from interviews were treated qualitatively whilst data from questionnaires were subjected to quantitative treatment. In general, respondents concurred that religion, age, and gender influenced the choice of health care systems. Most people agree that traditional medicines are useful but lament their lack of hygienic practices, labeling and dosage information. The study confirmed that traditional medicines are widely used, with patients seeking treatment mainly in connection with dysmenorrhoea, impotence, snakebites, stomach aches and wound healing. Out of the 1129 respondents, 34% admitted using traditional medicines, 93% think that traditional medicines are important, 56% believe that traditional medicines have advantages over biomedicines and that only people above twenty-five years of age should visit traditional healers.en_GB
dc.publisherHuman Resources Research Centre (HRRC); University of Zimbabwe (UZ)en_GB
dc.subjectScience and Societyen_GB
dc.titleShould Traditional Medicine Practiced in Chivi, Zimbabwe Be Included In School Curricula?en_GB
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabween_GB

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