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dc.contributor.authorZengeya, Alfred
dc.identifier.citationZengeya, Alfred (2002) Early Adolescents’ Self-esteem and Achievement, ZJER vol. 14, no.3. Harare, Mt. Pleasant: HRRC.en_GB
dc.descriptionA ZJER article on adolescents' self- esteem.en_GB
dc.description.abstractThis study examined the relationship between self esteem and academic achievement in early adolescents in randomly selected primary school classes. Self-esteem was measured by a self report questionnaire while school achievement was measured by scores from mid-year examinations designed by teachers. The results of a t-test showed significant differences in self-esteem between boys and girls, with girls reporting lower levels of self-esteem. While the study found no significant gender differences in achievement, there were however significant correlations between self-esteem, age, and school achievement.en_GB
dc.publisherHuman Resources Research Centre (HRRC); University of Zimbabween_GB
dc.subjectChildren and Youthen_GB
dc.titleEarly Adolescents’ Self-esteem and Achievementen_GB

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