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dc.contributor.authorMasuko, Louis
dc.identifier.citationMasuko, Louis (1984) Reforming Public Sector Enterprise: A Case For Commercialisation, ZIDS Research Paper 1994. Harare, Mt. Pleasant: IDS.en_GB
dc.descriptionAn IDS report on the Zimbabwe Government's reforms to the Public Sector Enterprises as a response to its ballooning budget deficit.en_GB
dc.description.abstractThe major concern of the Zimbabwe government is the size of its budget deficit and all that come with it. In particular, the source of resources to finance the deficit, its impact on the productive sectors of the economy; money supply levels and the rate of inflation; the proportion of capital and recurrent expenditure etc. Reducing the size of the deficit becomes therefore one of the most important objectives of the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP) embraced by government in 1990. Critics have pre-emptied that the success of reforms being implemented in countries in the southern region (Zimbabwe included) is based on keeping budget deficits small, encouraging competition and higher productivity and abolishing marketing boards and privatising public enterprises (Poortman 1994; Hawkins 1993; Ndiweni 1993).en_GB
dc.publisherInstitute of Development Studies (Zimbabwe) (ZIDS)en_GB
dc.subjectDevelopment Policyen_GB
dc.titleReforming Public Sector Enterprise: A Case For Commercialisationen_GB
dc.typeSeries paper (non-IDS)en_GB
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabween_GB

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