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dc.contributor.authorChidakwa, C.
dc.contributor.authorChitekuteku, S. R.
dc.identifier.citationChidakwa, C. & Chitekuteku, S. R. (2012) A Survey Of The Purpose Of Extra Classes Provided In Primary Schools Of Harare Province And Their Implications On The Quality Of Education, ZJER Vol.24, no.1. Harare, Mt. Pleasant: HRRC.en_GB
dc.descriptionA ZJER survey on the purpose of extra classes in Zimbabwean primary schools and their contribution, if any, to quality education.en_GB
dc.description.abstractThe growth of extra tuition in Zimbabwe is increasingly becoming worrisome to the various stakeholders in education. Some stakeholders have become skeptical about the quality of the initial formal teaching in the schools that need to be supplemented through extra tuition. Others actually query the practice of these lessons. Is it a money-spinning venture for the cash hungry teachers or is it a valid teaching exercise with recognizable benefits to the learner? The focus of this study was to investigate the nature and purpose of extra lessons and how they impact on the quality of education that is provided in the schools. The study was a descriptive survey that collected both quantitative and qualitative data from thirty-nine schools in Harare region. The study established that extra lessons were being targeted at examination classes. The same teachers teaching the examination classes were mostly teaching these extra lessons. In addition, the learners were being asked to pay for this service. The researchers noted that this practice was perpetuating inequalities in the provision of education, as those learners from poor families more often than not failed to attend the lessons, with a possibility of failing the examinations. The study recommended that the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture should allow more time to examination classes so that they complete the official syllabi before sitting for examinations. The study also recommended that those teachers teaching extra lessons be properly supervised and monitored.en_GB
dc.publisherHuman Resources Research Centre (HRRC); University of Zimbabween_GB
dc.titleA Survey Of The Purpose Of Extra Classes Provided In Primary Schools Of Harare Province And Their Implications On The Quality Of Educationen_GB
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabween_GB

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