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dc.contributor.authorHeath, R. A.
dc.identifier.citationHeath, R.A (1986) The Socio-Economic Characteristics Of Selected Harare Suburbs Three Years After Independence, GAZ Proceedings, No. 17. Harare, Mt. Pleasant: GAZ.en_GB
dc.descriptionA GAZ Proceedings survey on Harare urban development.en_GB
dc.description.abstractBetween August and October 1983, a survey was undertaken within selected suburbs of Harare, as part of a national survey on the use of outdoor recreational areas in Zimbabwe (Heath, 1986). Although the research project was specifically concerned with outdoor recreational patterns, a certain amount of socio-economic data was collected as part of the exercise and it is of interest to investigate the socio-economic characteristics of sectors of the city in order to ascertain to what extent government policies had succeeded in improving the lot of the majority of Zimbabweans shortly after independence.en_GB
dc.publisherGeographical Association of Zimbabwe (GAZ)en_GB
dc.subjectDevelopment Policyen_GB
dc.subjectEconomic Developmenten_GB
dc.titleThe Socio-Economic Characteristics Of Selected Harare Suburbs Three Years After Independenceen_GB
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabween_GB

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