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dc.contributor.authorNkiwane, Londiwe
dc.identifier.citationNkiwane, Londiwe (1992) Design And Function Of The School Uniform: Its Production Within The School Curriculum, ZJER Vol. 4, no.2. Harare, Mt. Pleasant: HRRC.en_GB
dc.descriptionA ZJER journal article.en_GB
dc.description.abstractThis study is concerned with the improvement of school uniforms in Zimbabwe by taking into account the wishes of pupils and by involving them in their production. A case study focusing on urban schools and district council schools was conducted. The study was undertaken in the belief that if students are involved in the design and making of uniforms, these will be functional, and pupils are likely to appreciate them. The study revealed three interesting points: 1. Pupils were generally dissatisfied with the function of uniforms 2. The majority of the pupils expressed their willingness to be involved in the making of uniforms because they believed it helped reduce the cost of buying the uniforms, and they would produce uniform garments whose functional values would be close to their tastes. 3. Teachers expressed their willingness to help the pupils with the making of some uniform garments as part of education with production (EWP). Based on that the above findings, a strong case can be made that favors the involvement of pupils in the making of uniforms and, to that extent, the concept of education with production will become more meaningful to them. Furthermore, by participating in the making of their own uniforms, pupils will gain practical skills in designing and constructing garmentsen_GB
dc.publisherHuman Resource Research Centre, (HRRC), University of Zimbabwe.en_GB
dc.subjectChildren and Youthen_GB
dc.titleDesign And Function Of The School Uniform: Its Production Within The School Curriculum.en_GB
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabween_GB

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