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dc.contributor.authorBirhane, Gidey
dc.identifier.citationBirhane Gidey (2011) Analysis of the Challenges and Prospects of Students’ Completion of Primary Education :The case of Asgede Tsimbla District, Northwestern Tigray.Thesis. Mekelle:MUen_GB
dc.description.abstractThe completion rate of primary education in Asgede Tsimbla District were 38.80 percent and 19.70 percent in the lower and upper cycles of primary education, respectively in 2008/09 which is very low compared to many Districts of Tigray. Then this study was designed with the objective of identifying and analyzing the factors that affect students’ completion rate at primary education in the District. Multi-stage sampling method was implemented in this study. Primary education and Asgede Tsimbla District as study area were purposely selected. As well, simple random sampling (lottery method) was applied to select four schools from 26 primary schools of the district. From the selected schools 120 student respondents were selected given equal fraction to each school. Members of the sample were students started grade one above seven years old, dropped out from school and/or repeated a grade level one or more than one time. The necessary data was collected through questionnaire, interview, focus group discussion and document review. These methods were implemented to collect primary and secondary data. The data collected through questionnaire from students were coded and entered to the SPSS software program. And the focus group discussion and interview were used in triangulating with the data collected through questionnaire from students. Generally, a descriptive data analysis system was adopted in this study. School distance became a determinant factor for students’ late entry to primary education than students drop out from the system. The study found age of the student, parent’s education level and motivation towards education as major obstacles to students’ completion of primary education. Pupil started primary education at the official admission are less likely to drop out from the system than pupil began the system above age seven, for both female and male students. The issue of gold mining should have to be future policy concern for government. This activity became a serious problem not only for students drop out of primary education but also for environmental distraction related with soil erosion. Therefore, responsible bodies should have to give special concern for this issue.en_GB
dc.publisherMekelle Universityen_GB
dc.titleAnalysis of the Challenges and Prospects of Students’ Completion of Primary Education:The case of Asgede Tsimbla District, Northwestern Tigrayen_GB
dc.rights.holderMekelle Universityen_GB

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