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dc.contributor.authorKautsky, Nils
dc.contributor.authorKiibus, Martina
dc.identifier.citationKautsky, N. and Kiibus, M. (1997) Biomass, ecology and production of benthic fauna of Lake Kariba. In: Moreau, J. (ed.) Advances in the ecology of Lake Kariba, pp. 162-182. Harare: UZ Publications.en
dc.descriptionAn aquatic study of the ecology of bethnic fauna production in Lake Kariba.en
dc.description.abstractStudies on benthic invertebrates of African freshwater ecosystems are still in their infancy although the benthic fauna is ecologically important in the food chain as a link between heterotrophic and autotrophic microfloral production, and the production of economically important higher trophic levels such .is fish. Invertebrates, both filter feeders and detritus feeders, are also sen important in the reminerali/ation of nutrients (kuen/.lcr 1961. kautsky and Evans 1987. Kautsky and Wallentinus 19X0. Okedi 1990). African freshvrater invertebrates also include a large number of vector species which transmit human diseases such as malaria and schistosomiasis. It is thus important that factors controlling the distribution of such vector species, e.g. schisto/.onuasis earning snails should be determined.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThe present investigations were sponsored for many years by the University of Zimbabwe Research Board and by the Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries (SAREC).en
dc.publisherUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ) Publicationsen
dc.subjectScience and Societyen
dc.titleBiomass, ecology and production of benthic fauna of Lake Karibaen
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ)en

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