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  • Foreword 

    Desai, Lord Meghnad (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/09/2009)
  • What is the Likely Poverty Impact of the Global Financial Crisis? 

    Sumner, Andy; Wolcott, Sara (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/09/2009)
    Estimates of the poverty impact of the current crisis are becoming numerous and varied. Global estimates of poverty impacts are based on assumptions regarding Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth deceleration and the ...
  • Crime and Social Cohesion in the Time of Crisis: Early Evidence of Wider Impacts of Food, Fuel and Financial Shocks 

    Hossain, Naomi (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/09/2009)
    Economic crises have a series of impacts on society and security, depending on their severity, and on people's capacities to cope with and adapt to stresses on livelihoods and community relations. This article highlights ...
  • Macroeconomic Policy, Stimuli, Aid and Budgeting: What Options? 

    Gottschalk, Ricardo; Bolton, Laura (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/09/2009)
    Developing countries are being severely hit by the global crisis. However, the ability of different countries to respond varies considerably. A number of middle?income countries have foreign reserves and fiscal space to ...
  • Social Protection: Responding to a Global Crisis 

    Davies, Mark; McGregor, J. Allister (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/09/2009)
    The current global financial crisis will have adverse effects on poor people in developing countries in both the short? and long?term. While the complexity of this crisis makes its path difficult to predict, recent advances ...
  • Will the Global Financial Crisis Change the Development Paradigm? 

    McCulloch, Neil; Sumner, Andy (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/09/2009)
    The depth and breadth of the current crisis has led many to suggest it will fundamentally change development thinking and practice. We review four ways in which the crisis may affect the ‘development paradigm’: changes to ...
  • Geopolitics, Global Governance and Crisis Narratives 

    Schmidt, Anna; Arancibia, Paz; Kahlon, Rakhil; Komoto, Nobuhiro; Myers, John; Munyi, Mary; Ngororano, Tonaina; Omondi, George; Sepaha, Prabal; Yeojeong, Kim (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/09/2009)
    The financial crisis demonstrated a new quality of interconnected vulnerabilities across the globe. Yet, increased interdependence may lead to increased friction rather than common problem?solving or a shared outlook. This ...
  • Notes on Contributors 

    Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 01/09/2009)