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dc.contributor.authorJenberu, Aberash
dc.identifier.citationJenberu, A. (2014) The extent of effectiveness of the training in Civil Service University Center for Training & Consultancy. Addis Ababa: St. Mary's University.en
dc.description.abstractTraining is the process from which employees acquire the capabilities to perform their job and is an essential part of any successful business. Training is linked to employee performance and retention. In addition, employees will not reach their full potential and higher level of productivity unless adequately trained. This paper examines the extent of effectiveness of the training program in ECSUCTC. Who need to be trained, who will conduct the training, the alignment of the training with the organization strategy and its objectives, how the knowledge and skills learned will transferred to the job, how will the training be monitored and evaluated were problems that needs to be solved in this study. ECSUCTC has been working to offer a wide range of training programs covering skills and disciplines needed by public servants and leaders. In order to achieve this goal it is expected to have a highly organized and updated training program. To this end a descriptive survey method was employed to tackle the problem. Data were collected from both primary & secondary sources through questionnaires, key information, interview, and documentary analysis. Fairly representative sample were chosen from trainees, trainers, and other key stack holders. The findings revealed there were problems on need assessment mechanism and evaluating of training program. More over there were a gap on the participation of the trainees on the training plan and its implementation.en
dc.publisherSt.Mary's University, Ethiopiaen
dc.subjectDevelopment Policyen
dc.titleThe extent of effectiveness of the training in Civil Service University Center for Training & Consultancyen
dc.rights.holderSt.Mary's University, Ethiopiaen

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