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dc.contributor.authorAlelign, Gashaw
dc.identifier.citationAlelign, G. (2002) Labor-Management Cooperation or Conflict: with Special Focus in Nazareth Tractor Assembly Plant. Jimma University 34. Jimma: Jimma University.en
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this research was to identify possible causes of conflict between labor and management and find ways on how labor and management can work together so that both bodies can work in a cooperative spirit to advance the goal of the organization, Nazareth Tractor Assembly plant. For undertaking this research, the study used historical and self administered survey methodology to gain insight into the causes of the problem and find possible solutions. Information from different publications and documents from Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Union (CETU), and Nazareth Tractor Assembly Plant (NTAP) were used. In addition, a survey was administered on workers of the plant. The research aimed to address the following specific research questions. 1. What has been the traditional relationship between labor and management? 2. What has been the cause of conflict? 3. What has been the extent of cooperation between labor and across the nation? 4. How can labor and management interact in the plant to effectively and efficiently advance towards a common goal? It was hoped that the study would clearly reveal the causes of such conflict and offer solutions to the problem.en
dc.description.sponsorshipJimma Universityen
dc.publisherJimma Universityen
dc.subjectWork and Labouren
dc.titleLabor-Management Cooperation or Conflict: with Special Focus in Nazareth Tractor Assembly Planten
dc.rights.holderJimma Universityen

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