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dc.contributor.authorHintsa, W/Giorgis
dc.identifier.citationHintsa W/Giorgis (2012) Assessment of Army Training: A Case Study of Awash Combat Technique Center Graduates, Thesis. Mekelle:MU.en_GB
dc.description.abstractIt is well known that training enhances skill, knowledge, ability, and competency and ultimately improve workers performance and productivity of an organization. To this end this research was aimed to assess the Awash combat technique center management and control practice. The study was particularly focused on the Awash combat technique center and gradates deployed. A cross section survey study was used and both primary and secondary data was collected using interview, questionnaire and document review. Stratified sampling technique was employed to identify respondents. From total population 120 officers and NCOs were selected from 3 targeted area; Awash combat technique center, Northern command and Central command operational unit. Content analysis techniques were used to analyze the data gathered from respondents. The main findings of the study showed that there is appreciable level of training practice in planning and selection of training with better preparation from the combat technique center side. However, the training program is overcrowded and has very flexible time space which hinders the operational plans. Sometimes the technique center was becoming idle being without trainees. To conclude the combat technique center has good ground with regard to management practice but still there are problems in the operation, control and monitoring mechanism of the cobat technique center.en_GB
dc.publisherMekelle Universityen_GB
dc.titleAssessment of Army Training: A Case Study of Awash Combat Technique Center Graduatesen_GB
dc.rights.holderMekelle Universityen_GB

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