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dc.contributor.authorBasha, Khayreddine
dc.identifier.citationBasha, K. (2020) 'COVID-19 and a Deepening Conflict Worsen Libya’s Humanitarian Situation', Policy Brief, Arab Reform Initiativeen
dc.description.abstractOn 4 April, Libya’s capital Tripoli had completed a year since the beginning of the military campaign by Commander Khalifa Haftar against the internationally recognized Government of National Accord to seize economic institutions and political decision-making centres. The operation resulted in a deep humanitarian disaster (compounded by the deterioration of the country's institutions) and did not bring any military settlement as fighting continues. However, the humanitarian cost of the conflict threatens with more escalation since the first case of the COVID-19 epidemic was recorded in the western region of the country. Despite international attempts to impose a temporary truce, the continuation of battles and the intervention of regional actors indicate indifference to the humanitarian situation. This paper explores the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic on the health and humanitarian situation in Libya, in the light of the political division of government institutions, and examines the factors that contribute to the continuation of the political and military conflict, including the incitement of the dominant international and regional parties involved in it.en
dc.publisherArab Reform Initiativeen
dc.subjectSecurity and Conflicten
dc.titleCovid-19 and a Deepening Conflict Worsen Libya's Humanitarian Situationen
dc.rights.holderArab Reform Initiativeen
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