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dc.contributor.authorDavies, R.
dc.identifier.citationDavies, R. (1988) Market liberalization in Zimbabwe: the case of subsidies, 1980- 1987. In: Rukuni, M. and Bernsten, R.H. (eds.) Southern Africa: Food Security Policy Options. Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference on Food Security Research in Southern Africa. 1-5 November, 1987. Harare: University of Zimbabwe/Michigan State University Food Security Research Project, pp. 123-143.en
dc.descriptionA workshop paper on market liberalization and subsidies in Zimbabwe.en
dc.description.abstractThe foundations of the current Zimbabwean economy were, to a great extent, laid in the 15 years following the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (1965 to 1980). During this period, there was considerable industrial development and diversification of the economy, both between sectors and within sectors. For example, the virtual monocrop orientation of commercial farming before UDI was reduced with the value of tobacco marketed falling from around 70% of marketed crops in 1965 to about 30% in 1980. These changes took place in an economy with both a high degree of protection through sanctions and a high degree of state intervention and regulation. In many ways, it was a textbook example of the dirigiste economy against which the currently fashionable arguments for liberalization are directed.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThe research supporting the preparation the proceedings papers was financed by the U.S. Agency for International Development, Bureau of Science and Technology; Bureau for Africa; and the Southern Africa Regional Programme;en
dc.publisherDepartment of Agricultural Economics and Extension (DAEE), University of Zimbabwe (UZ)en
dc.subjectEconomic Developmenten
dc.titleMarket liberalization in Zimbabwe: the case of subsidies, 1980- 1987en
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.typeConference paperen
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ), Department of Agricultural Economics & Extention (DAEE)en

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