Recent Submissions

  • Introduction 

    Holmes, John; Leys, Colin (Institute of Development Studies, 01/04/1985)
  • The World Crisis: the globalisation of the general crisis of Fordism 

    Lipietz, Alain (Institute of Development Studies, 01/04/1985)
    SUMMARY The present crisis in the world economy is traced to the exhaustion of ‘Fordism’, the ‘regime of accumulation’ consolidated in North America and Western Europe after 1945 in which mass production technology led ...
  • From Heartland to Periphery: the effects of capitalist restructuring in Quebec 

    Gagnon, Alain; Montcalm, Mary Beth (Institute of Development Studies, 01/04/1985)
    SUMMARY This article examines the shifting political alliances in contemporary Quebec which both jeopardise the position of the Parti québécois and threaten the interests of the new middle class which became extremely ...
  • The Decline of North American Industry 

    Niosi, Jorge; Faucher, Philippe (Institute of Development Studies, 01/04/1985)
    SUMMARY While the US has not suffered significant falls in either absolute industrial employment or output during the post?war period it has experienced a relative decline in manufacturing, commerce and finance. This ...
  • The Grenadian Crisis and the Caribbean Left 

    Thomas, Clive Y. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/04/1985)
    SUMMARY Prior to October 1983 ‘popular forces’ had established a hitherto unmatched degree of hegemony throughout the Caribbean region. The self?destruction of the Grenadian revolution opened the way to the restoration ...
  • The United States and Canada: State Policy and Strategic Perspectives on Capital in Central America 

    Petras, James; Morley, Morris (Institute of Development Studies, 01/04/1985)
    SUMMARY Central America has been directly affected by the global economic crisis and, particularly, by the crisis of US hegemony. This article examines the interests and strategies of North American capital in Central ...
  • The Chilean Left and the Question of Democratic Transition 

    Adkin, Laurie; Hyett, Catherine (Institute of Development Studies, 01/04/1985)
    SUMMARY This article focuses on the evolving gradualist strategies of the left opposition in Chile, and their possible outcomes. It examines the influences on the divergent Chilean tendencies of the lessons drawn from the ...
  • ‘Populism’ in Guyana and Newfoundland 

    Fairley, Bryant D.; Ramnarine, Devanand J. (Institute of Development Studies, 01/04/1985)
    SUMMARY Populist development, as an alternative to large?scale capitalist development, is sometimes interpreted as a form of ‘transition to socialism’, or even as socialism itself. This article examines two areas, ...