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dc.contributor.authorBordon, L.M.
dc.contributor.authorMaurice, M.
dc.identifier.citationBordon, L. M and Maurice, M. (1994) Traveller’s loiasis in Zimbabwe: a case report. The Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), vol. 40, no.11, (pp.323-327). UZ, Avondale, Harare: Faculty of Medicine (UZ).en
dc.descriptionA CAJM case study on the treatment of Traveller’s loiasis.en
dc.description.abstractA case of loiasis diagnosed at Wankie Colliery Hospital is presented. The disease was suspected by the history of the patient and the presenting clinical signs, and it was confirmed by identification of Microfilariae loa loa in peripheral blood. The patient was successfully treated with a course of diethylcarbamazine. The paper gives a brief account of the clinical aspects of loiasis and emphasizes the importance of the laboratory methods to differentiate microfilariae. The case is discussed against the background of important diseases in Zimbabwe.en
dc.publisherFaculty of Law, University of Rhodesia ( now University of Zimbabwe.) (UZ.)en
dc.titleTraveller’s loiasis in Zimbabwe: a case reporten
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ)en

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