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dc.contributor.authorAbebe, Minase
dc.identifier.citationAbebe, M. (2002) Evaluating the Nature of Current Advertisements Based on the 5m's of Advertisement. Jimma University 42. Jimma: Jimma University.en
dc.description.abstractThis research will try to evaluate the nature of current advertisements based on the 5m' s of advertisement. / ie mission, money, message, media and measurement /. Advertising is crucial and is becoming a decisive tool to the introduction of a new product, the protection of market share and also to compete with similar firms. Even though, it is costly and often it's effects are uncertain, nowadays companies invest a lot of money in order to advertise their products and services. Most of the time the advertisement programs are handled by the marketing department. The main objectives of this research is to evaluate current advertisements. To clarity the attitude of the viewer towards these advertisement and to suggest what should be done to make the advertisements attractive and effective from the viewer point of view. And to pinpoint the problem associated with the current advertisement and again to provide a solution to make the advertisements attractive and effective in relation with the 5m's and other related points from the remaining two perspectives. All the necessary data for the accomplishment of this paper will be collected through questioners and interview.en
dc.description.sponsorshipJimma Universityen
dc.publisherJimma Universityen
dc.subjectDevelopment Policyen
dc.titleEvaluating the Nature of Current Advertisements Based on the 5m's of Advertisementen
dc.rights.holderJimma Universityen

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